Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, and a silver Sixpence in your shoe…


The first of the five items in the rhyme, ‘something old’ represents continuity of the past and moving on into the future.

Traditionally something old means breaking out Granny’s preserved diamond brooch or your Great Aunt’s antique emerald ring. These days modern day brides are taking a new direction when it comes to choosing their something old.

something-old-Some brides choose to hire vintage transport or look at a historic location for their venue as their something old.

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Nothing says something old more than something vintage. Make a statement with an Art Deco headpiece from the 1920s or be subtle with an antique hat pin that’s tucked into your bouquet.

Or what about using something from your childhood as your something old? Perhaps a christening bracelet or a special pillow that your flowergirl could use to carry the rings.

We love the idea of wrapping the end of your bouquet with a ribbon or handkerchief that belonged to a favoured relative. Apart from keeping your hands clean it’ll be pretty handy for wiping away your happy tears.

But your something old doesn’t have to be part of your outfit. Why not incorporate something special into your reception instead? Use an old cake topper to decorate  your sweetie table. We love how cute they look, as well as the fact that they come laden with memories.

One real-bride’s something old was her vintage 1950s wedding dress but if you’re after something a little more discreet, why not take a small square of your mother’s wedding gown or a button from the father’s suit and have it sewn inside your own dress.

How are you choosing your something old? Is it a family antique that has been passed down from generations or will you be looking at more modern ideas?