In part two of our wedding traditions special, we take a look at ‘something new’. This represents optimism for the future and the new life that you will share with your groom.


Let’s face it, your something new could be anything that’s been bought for the big day – from the dress, down to the decorations. We think that your something new should be significant and have a special meaning to you.

A custom bridal scent

Combine your bridal scent with your something new and look into creating your very own perfume. We don’t mean adding rose petals to water like when we were children, we’re talking about using quality fragrance oils to create something that’s bespoke for you.

Why not work this fun activity into your hen night? UK Girl Thing offer a perfume-making workshop where you and your girls will get to take home your perfect scent.


Many of our real brides use their bridal jewellery as their something new. In fact, many generous grooms buy their brides-to-be a gift that is presented to them on the morning of the wedding. Popular gifts are pearl or diamante earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Consider buying something special that you could wear every day – earrings or a necklace. That way, you can be reminded of your wedding in a daily basis!

A fresh new look

If material possessions aren’t your thing, how about trying a new look? It could be something as small as a new bridal hairstyle or some new make-up. Some of our real brides have taken it a step further by having laser eye surgery or teeth whitening treatments. Investing in yourself will make you look radiant on the outside and happier on the inside. But if you do decide to make a major change, do it a few months before the wedding to give you time to get used to it.

Are you having something unique as your something new?


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