The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue tradition comes from an old English rhyme and relates to good luck charms that brides can carry with them on the big day.

The Something Borrowed is usually an item that is shared by the family, and passed down through the generations. Something Borrowed has come to symbolises borrowed happiness – the item that bought happiness to someone else might also bring good luck to you on your special day.



Wedding accessories are the number one item used as Something Borrowed. Whether it’s a necklace, pair of earrings, a bracelet or a hair accessory, finishing touches are the easiest way to incorporate this wedding tradition into your day. Perhaps a relative will let you borrow a necklace that they wore during their wedding, or a set of earrings that they were given on a special birthday. Think carefully about who you ask to borrow things from – the person that lends the item to you is almost as important as the thing itself. If you know the item came from a special person, that friend or relative will be even closer to you than normal on the big day.


A veil is another popular item lent between friends and family. Just make sure you accessorise it to make it personal to you. Perhaps you could have it shorten or lengthened if the owner didn’t mind?

Brooch for your bouquet

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A brooch or pin is an easy thing to borrow and can be used in a variety of ways. A brooch can pretty up a sash on your dress, a birdcage veil or even your shoes! We love the idea of adding a precious brooch to your bouquet. And talking of bouquets, why not slip in an old photograph of dear, departed loved ones?

Lucky sixpence in your shoe

The last part of the rhyme – ‘And a silver sixpence for your shoe’ – gives us another idea. If a friend used a sixpence on her day, why not borrow it for yours and double your luck?

What not to borrow

Your wedding dress is the one thing that we would suggest you didn’t borrow. Boleros or wraps that complement the gown are fine but your wedding dress is something individual, unique and personal to you. It will hold such precious memories for you after the big day, you really won’t want to give it back!

Would you borrow a dress for the big day? Have you ever leant a friend or family member something precious for their wedding?