The old poem says… ‘Married in blue, you will always be true.’ But what if you don’t want to wear a blue dress on the day? Here are some easy, budget-friendly ways of incorporating this classic wedding tradition into your day…

something-blue-jewellery-Dreamy details

Having blue shoes is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to a white wedding dress. Go for a tea-length gown and show off those bad boys! Or for a more subtle way to include blue on your shoes, why not add some I Do shoe stickers to the soles? Just remember to ask your photographer to take a shot of them before they get too dirty!

A blue underskirt can really make an impact and will look amazing in your wedding photographs – the perfect finishing touch if you’re having a 1950s theme.

You could also add some blue to your bridal jewellery – from blue gemstones in your hair accessories, to a classic blue ribbon for your hair. Wearing a blue garter is a subtle way to include your something blue item in your wedding wardrobe.

Hidden under your dress, the garter will be concealed during the ceremony and the only people who will get a peek will be the groom and the bridesmaids when they help you into your gown.

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Why not take your something blue to the next level by incorporating it into your colour scheme? Mix blue with white for a classic scheme that will never date in your pictures.

For a more glamorous look, go for a darker blue shade with gold accents. If you’re having a vintage-themed celebration, serve your wedding breakfast on classic blue and white porcelain to complete the look.

Why not work a blue layer into your wedding cake, or choose blue hydrangeas, bluebells or forget-me-nots for your bouquet and table centres.

How are you incorporating your something blue into your look? Will you be following this classic wedding tradition?