For a tint or soft pastel rather than a bold colour, a collection of cool lilacs and baby blue shades will introduce soft crystal hues that add both feminine touches and shades fit for the male party also!

With colours as cool as these, warming gold tones will complement perfectly with lilacs and blues for a fresh spring or crisp winter wedding. Use bluebells and/or lavender in your floral arrangements and to a traditional white tiered cake decorate with pretty spring flowers in icy blues and amethyst purple. The beauty of this subtle palette is you cannot use too much or too little! Whether it’s just a few accents and accessories or if you’re going all out with bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen and flowers – lilac and blue will keep a sense of serenity on your special day and lift the day for plenty of romantic memories.

Get your copy of the August Issue now to see all of our new themes for this month for plenty more colour combinations and themes that we LOVE!

lilac and blue


1 Room Decor,, £9 / 2 Invitation,, from 75p / 3 Balloons,, £3.99 for 5 / 4 Bridesmaid Dress, / 5 Cake,  / 6 Bracelet, / 7 Invitation,, £3 / 8 Confetti,, £13.95 per litre / 9 Earrings, , £17 / 10 Hair Pins,, £13.50 / 11 Shoes,, £175 / 12 Photograph, / 13 Florals,  



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