Love to lose a little bulge here and there on your big day? Would give anything for a well-defined waist? The team at Find Your Dream Wedding Dress are here to help…

Pick the right-style wedding gown – one with perfect cut and great internal structuring (the good designers know exactly what will whittle the waistline or smooth the hips) – and you could find your dream dress makes you look slimmer in an instant (and there’s not a diet in sight!)

Every single female has body bits she’d like to change, and even if they are ‘problems’ that no one else seems notice, to the individual they are very real. But think about this: accentuating another bit, one you really like, is the trick behind dressing your shape. You just need to know what does what.


Sashes and ribbon belts

They are a hot favourite right now with brides. Yes, a great way to tie up a wedding-colour theme, but they do much more than that: focusing attention at the waist which means – yes – taking it away from the hips and boobs. Many of the top collections featured on findyourdreamweddingdress add flowers or a sparkling brooch to a sash – another way to shift the emphasis.


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Logical this one, a raised waist means not only that the lower part of your body appears elongated (read longer and slimmer), but also that your waist itself is neatly out of view. And what you can’t see… you can’t judge! If you’ve got a bit of a tum, this is the first style you should try.


A v-neck dress, whether the V sits high and wide or dips deep down to show off a fair bit of curvy cleavage, works wonders to seemingly change your shape. For starters, your neck looks longer, and your shoulders become the highlight taking attention away from your middle.



The story of the season, especially in lace. From three-quarter-length numbers to the iconic Grace-Kelly style of the 50s, sleeves means cover and cover means structure. So back cleavage is neatly hidden away, shoulders look more glam and therefore waists seem narrower.


This is one of the most classical of all bridal gown shapes… and one of the most popular. Why? Because it does the job of making every bride feel princess, and that means it makes the most of her figure. The sculpted bodice whittles the waist down and shows off a fab bosom, while the skirt flows out without gathers of fabric at the waist, so hips look instantly slimmer.

A-lines with details – could be flowers or ruffles or laser-cut swirls – on the lower part of the skirt also change your shape.


This one is always a surprise. On the hanger, it looks like fabric overload sometimes, but once on, all those complex twists and turns of material shape and sculpt and smooth. Diagonal lines are especially good for creating a new you.

At find your dream wedding dress we see hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous gowns and chat to the designers on an almost daily basis so we have the knowledge first hand!

Follow our guide to the dress shapes and details that will work magic – some styles can even make you look a good dress-size smaller – and then check out those styles on our website where the filtering system will let you specify exactly what you are looking for. And once you’ve found a dress you are ready to fall in love with, you can find out which specialist bridalwear shop near you carries that collection. We’re all about making your life easier so that you can enjoy that magical gown search even more.

 Have you found your dream wedding dress? What dress design are you wearing on your big day?