When it comes to picking a wedding photographer to capture your special day it is important to pick and hire the right photographer for you. With the average cost for wedding photography in the UK at £1,520 it is important to remember you only get one chance to capture your wedding day so make sure you consider these top 6 tips to ensure you find the perfect photographer for you.

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You like them as a person

When choosing and hiring a wedding photographer it shouldn’t all come down to their work and how good they are technically, you could hire the best wedding photographer in the world yet if you don’t feel very relaxed around them or at ease, then this will be reflected in your photos and you won’t look or feel very natural. You want to go and meet a few different photographers and make sure you ‘click’, you want to share your wedding plans with them and share your excitement, you want your photographer to be as excited and passionate as you are.
You want to find someone that you want to be at your wedding, when speaking to them you want to feel at ease, relaxed and natural, if you are then when it comes to your wedding photos it will make a huge difference. Find a wedding photographer that you are looking forward to being there capturing your day. Find someone that when it comes to those couple shots you will feel relaxed, yourself and know will have a laugh.

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You love their style

There are thousands of photographers in the UK each with their own individual style, from reportage, artistic, traditional and documentary, however it is important to find a style that you like, a style that reflects you both and the theme of your day. Find a photographer that documents a wedding how you would like your photos to be, find a photographer that edits their photos in a style that you love, find a photographer that create fun and natural photos that reflect you both.

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Ask to see a complete wedding

When looking at different photographers they will show a range of different photos that represent their best work, there maybe some stunning black and white photos or gorgeous posed shots that make you go wow. If you love their work and meet up with them then make sure you ask to see 2 or 3 completed wedding albums. Finished albums that were given to the couple, you want to go through the album and make sure you still love their work and style. You are looking for consistency, you don’t want 4-5 amazing photos, you want a whole album that is amazing and tells a beautiful story.
Make sure their work is high quality throughout and that it reflects the style and photos you want for your wedding day.

You trust them

Reflecting points 1 and 3 regarding liking them as a person and loving their work then you should be feeling relaxed, knowing you can trust them and leave them to do what they do best is so important. After meeting your photographer make sure you leave feel confident and happy with them, ensure they answer any questions no matter how silly they maybe, go with your gut, if something doesn’t feel right then perhaps go and meet another photographer you like too.

You don’t want to be worrying about them on your day, you don’t want to be making sure they capture certain shots or directing them around, speak to them about formal family shots you may want before hand, then just let them get on. They have had years of experiencing doing this, let them do what they do best. When it comes to creative fun shots with you and your partner, go with the flow, have fun and trust your photographer, if you like them and get on with them it will make for some really fun and natural photos.

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You would recommend them

A great way to know if you have found your perfect wedding photographer is to ask yourself ‘would I recommend them to a friend?’ If the answer is yes then get them booked. If you have any doubts then consider the reasons you wouldn’t, if you wouldn’t recommend them to a friend then why would you hire them yourself?

Ensure you pick a wedding photographer that you love, someone you trust and someone you know will capture the day how you want it captured and will present it beautifully.

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Book early

Top wedding photographers in the UK can be booked not just months in advance, but years. Many will be taking bookings for 1-2 years in advance, popular summer weekends in peak season will be quickly booked up. If you are planning your wedding and have your date set, then now is the time to find your wedding photographer and get them booked as quickly as possible. Don’t be left disappointed by finding a photographer who you love, but are already booked up on your wedding day. Once your venue and wedding date is confirmed, get straight onto your wedding photographer and get them booked.