Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

Ok, he’s finally popped the question; you’ve had that once in a lifetime adrenaline rush and then replied with a ‘yes’ officially making you engaged. But what do you do next? This is where luxury Bath wedding venue Homewood Park’s Wedding Concierge, Annabelle Reynolds, comes in. From who to tell first to perfecting the planning stages, here’s how to brace yourself for the best time of your life!

Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

Take a breath

It’s a big moment so make sure you enjoy every second of it. Afterward, take some time to let it sink in; maybe grab a manicure to show off your new ring to friends and family. For the first couple of weeks, try not to worry about the wedding or planning, simply revel in the moment.


Who to tell first and how

If you’re one of those people who announces everything on social media then good for you. On the other hand, it can often go a long way to call close family and friends first to announce the big news. You could even use it as an excuse to have a family get together and make the announcement together.


Marriage takes two people and a lot of careful decision making, therefore, it is always advisable for couples to make a list of what they both want from their big day. This list should include everything from the general feel and look of the room, through to the specific venue, location and the food. Having a brainstorming session together makes the wedding planning so much more collaborative and exciting. There will always be some things which appear on both yours and your partners’ wish lists which you can use to build the foundations of your special day.

Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

The Budget

Once you know what you want, the best way to kick-start the process is to begin with the venue search and getting some quotes. Asking friends who have recently got married is also very insightful. From there you can begin to realistically figure out how long it will take you to save up for the wedding of your dreams.

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Be Open Minded

When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, don’t be too quick to discount those which don’t have everything you want. It’s similar to buying a house, when you find the right one it will just feel right and you will be able to overlook the fact it may not everything on your list. It is recommended to always view a variety of places before paying a deposit.

Remain Strong

Once you announce you’re engaged you will no doubt be inundated with people offering a helping hand. Although this can be helpful, remember it’s your big day and not theirs. If Aunt Sally thinks 80’s style plastic flowers are a must, if it’s not what you want remember you can just say no.

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