Your wedding day will be filled with special moments, but there are some extra-special elements that no bride should forget, as top photographer Mark Buff explains. Put these essential shots on your must-take list today…

Unusual wedding transport


Even if you are not punctual, your photographer should get a picture of your arrival at the wedding venue. It is traditional for the father to escort the bride to the ceremony and this opportunity to capture you both before he gives you away must not be missed. Nicola and her father came to church on a combine harvester. Of course, not everyone has access to oversized agricultural machinery but you might think of something equally unusual. I am shooting a wedding later in the year where the transport will be a motorcycle sidecar.

I dos

The ceremony

The photographer will always be granted access to the ceremony but most ministers do not want him to be too prominent during the proceedings. The light here is lovely as Melissa repeats her vows and I wanted it to feel almost like you are in the gardens. There is an atmosphere of peacefulness to the photograph and the couple were allowed to take their time and enjoy the moment.

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Signing the register

Signing the register

Rachel and Adam were not offered a seat and this resulted in a more unusual view of the signing of the register. Some churches are dark and gloomy but the photographer should still make it look good. With the background out of focus, the viewer’s eye is led to the subject, the couple themselves.

wedding speech

The speeches

Speeches are a must and a chance to photograph guests laughing. I love this image as they are clearly enjoying the joke despite some embarrassment on the part of the groom. The orangery provided an interesting background and a low angle enabled me to show the family within the setting.


The little details

Ask your photographer not to miss the little things that define your wedding and which can be easily overlooked. The style of photographs will be largely down to his or her creativity but those special items you have lovingly chosen to adorn your day are all part of the wonderful images left in your mind. I often photograph place settings, shoes and interesting building details and you should feel able to ask a photographer to get shots of anything which catches your eye. Not every photograph has to have the bride’s smiling face and I think this one shows off the bouquet to good effect.

wedding couple

The happy couple

A photograph of just the two of you is essential and is often ideal for enlarging and hanging on a wall. I found a pretty window where Helen and Chris felt relaxed and although posed, they look happy and natural and it is evident that they have enjoyed their special day.