With wedding season in full swing, research conducted by high street brand Matalan has revealed more couples are turning to online solutions when it comes to wedding planning; we’re seeing the rise of the digital wedding!

Online inspo

Nearly half of the couples surveyed said that online websites (oh hey!) were their main inspiration for wedding ideas, followed closely by Instagram with 29%) and Pinterest with 21%, and with more traditional methods like magazines and wedding fairs in there too of course!

When it came to outfits for the big day, Matalan’s research found that just over a third of couples (34%) spend an average of three to four months looking for the perfect wedding dress or suit, with most (28%) shopping high street brands online to bag a bargain, keeping the costs down.

Surprisingly, the research also revealed that it was actually the grooms-to-be out there who spent the most time looking at decorations, with the average time being 14-21 hours over the course of a year.

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Changing it up!

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Katherine Readdie, eCommerce Marketing Manager at Matalan, said: “Weddings have really evolved over the past few years, whether that be through a change in traditions, or through a change in sourcing and planning habits, things have really moved on in order to get items in the most efficient way, as well as getting the best for a couple’s budget.

From additional research we undertook around family life, it showed us that wedding traditions have changed at a fast pace as well, with over one in five couples (22%) now having their children as flower girls or pageboys at their weddings. At Matalan, we are made for modern families, and this change in lifestyle is exactly what we cater for through our ranges.

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Traditional trends

Despite the change in planning and sourcing trends, Matalan’s research found that traditional floor-length dresses are still at the height of fashion, with 63% of brides-to-be choosing this style over contemporary options. Men on the other hand are going for modern skinny-style suits, in comparison to the traditional suit and tails (50%).

Couples are opting for a range of non-traditional themes, such as vintage (30%), quirky (31%) and modern (41%) to give their weddings a personal touch.


For a closer look at the range Wedding and Occasion range from Matalan, check out their website!