The time leading up to your wedding is so busy that simplifying your beauty routine with semi-permanent makeup makes perfect sense – leave the house with a minimum of fuss, yet looking fabulous, for an appointment or, alternatively, add to the base it forms to maximise your look for your hen’s night!
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And your honeymoon? If you love spending time in the water, it gives you ultimate beach-to-bar ease without needing to reapply cosmetics – and even if your honeymoon is less outdoorsy, spending more of your time enjoying your surroundings and less of it in front of the mirror is always a bonus.

Generally speaking, if your eye makeup is right, everything else falls into place, and Sian Dellar’s eyeliner enhancement procedure basically means that your eyes will look defined from the moment you wake up. Sian is warm and professional; her Harley Street rooms are fresh and bright and her own look is enviable, giving you confidence in the results of your treatment.

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The eye enhancement starts with a slightly scratchy patch test behind your ear. While you’re waiting for a numbing ointment to take effect, Sian asks you about your lifestyle and routines, and examines your face to determine what style of enhancement will best bring out your features. She then draws a template on to your eyes; you decide whether you want less or more in the way of thickness and definition and, once you’re happy with the look, she implants the pigment of your choice (there are a range of choices to suit your colouring, just as there are for eyeliners)  into the area with a fine machine-operated needle. Does it hurt? Of course, everyone’s tolerance for such things differs but ‘mildly uncomfortable’ seems to be a fairer description than ‘painful’.
The whole process takes around 90 minutes; carry sunglasses as your eyes may be a little puffy and red for the next 24 hours or so. Sian suggests taking an anti-histamine that night to reduce swelling; you’ll need to avoid contact lenses, eye makeup and excessive water or sweating for a week, and you’ll be given a balm that you need to apply morning and night for the same duration.  Four weeks later, you’ll have a follow up appointment, where any touch ups and tweaks will be made – and since the results last for 18 months, you can undergo the process well in advance of your celebrations to ensure that you’re properly healed and looking fabulous.

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Words by Sarah Rodrigues