9 Silly Thoughts Stressed-out Brides (Temporarily) Have!

Feeling a bit stressed out? Sometimes, when it gets a bit much for you, pure excitement for your big day doesn’t hold up –  that’s when the worst starts to come to mind…

9 Silly Thoughts Stressed-out Brides (Temporarily) Have!

Doubting the husband

Why does he not care about how the napkins are folded? Does this mean he doesn’t care about ME?“. Stop yourself fixating before it gets to that point, we beg you. We are certain there is a strong difference between his feelings for you and his feelings for the smallest details of your wedding, and there always will be.

Doubting the dress

The moment you found ‘the one’, it was obvious, right? But like any big decision, there may come a time when you start to think ‘Is this really the one? Am I sure?’. That’s not unnatural, don’t worry at all. But rest assured, if you had that falling in love moment with your dress, those feelings will come flowing back when you slip into it and start doing up those buttons on the wedding morning! Trust your gut from the beginning and you’ll see.

Ugly bridesmaid dresses

It’s on all the bridezilla-type movies, isn’t it? The bride picks out awful dresses or terrible hairdos for her bridesmaids, just to make sure that all eyes are on her, and to rule out any possibility of her best gals look better than she does. We know that these on-camera bridezillas actually go through with doing it, but don’t pretend the thought hasn’t crossed your mind…

So little time

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So little time, and SO much to do. You translate this panic into thinking that all your free time must be spent on your wedding. Like every single second; even your dreams will be filled with weddings. No sentence or Google search will go without the word ‘wedding’, plus you’ll genuinely start to believe that wedding-y is a word!

Excitement? Gone

It’s no lie that weddings do take a lot of effort and organisation. This can get you down, especially the number of boring tasks you’ll find on your to-do list. Cough cough… table plan… cough. You start to think “I’m not even excited for this anymore“. Once everything comes together in the final stages it will be worth it in the end, we PROMISE!

Crazy diet plans

It’s not uncommon for girls to turn to their fridges when stress hits them hard. Raiding the shelves for chocolate or nipping down to the local shop for one (or two) packets of your favourite crisps is only natural when it gets a little too much, meaning any wedding diet you may have had going on is down the drain.

This is when you start to think “It’s totally possible for me to lose 2 stone in 2 weeks, right?“. Wrong! You’ll quite simply tire yourself out even more and potentially pile on the stress. Try to plan healthier meals a few months in advance to ensure your energy is up and your five a day in take is at it’s best – your skin and eyes will love you for it. You can also follow this easy guide to tone up in just two months BUT beware not to lose too much weight right before the big day…an ill-fitting wedding dress isn’t attractive.

No wedding photos

The idea of having hundreds of photographs taken of you and your groom throughout just one day may freak you out a little bit, and that’s quite normal. But don’t go banning all snaps from your big day just because you’re camera shy. Any bride that wanted to cut the number of professional photos short has regretted it; you’ll want to make the most of anything and everything on the big day – it’s not like you’re a bride everyday, is it?

Vegas, anyone?

That’s it! You feel like there’s too much to deal with and just think you might as well hop on a plane to Vegas and get married by Elvis. Think about all those wedding plans and decisions you’ve made that will go to waste. And as cool as having ‘The King’ escort you down the aisle, your dad might not be so happy with the idea of being replaced by a man playing dress-up.

Never-ending honeymoon

Okay, so you’ve got over the idea of ditching your dream wedding for a Little Chapel in Vegas well and truly out of your head, but then there’s the honeymoon… “Can’t I just, like, stay on it forever? Never come home to the reality of work and the wedding blues? Please?” If you’re feeling a little financially spent after planning your day, this honeymoon fund idea may raise your spirits for the dream honeymoon too!