When you get engaged, you start to pick up on the littler things more and more; your partner’s nose twitch when they are confused, the way they always end up diagonal across the bed in the morning, and then the bad habits…

The result of noticing these bad habits? Silly, silly arguments. For all those couples that say ‘Oh, we never argue’, won’t even be able to deny these little tiffs, even if they only last a couple of minutes.

The housework argument

In your eyes, you do the most housework; in his eyes, he does. It’s safe to say, that this little argument is up there with the most common of couple arguments, and will pop up time and time again.

Who cooks? Who cleans? Who loads the dishwasher? Who takes out the bin? If your answer to these questions is ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’, and ‘me’, the crossed-arm-and-foot-tapping pose you’ve mastered starts to wear thin every now and then – you can’t help but explode into a saucepan, plate, and cutlery-related rage.

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The clothing choice argument

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Whether it’s you complaining about his terrible choice of shorts and pulled-up socks when the sun’s out, or him complaining about your skirt being a little too short, the clothing choice argument is another common one.

Your clothes are a huge part of your appearance and it’s fair enough that your partner will want you to look good, and you want your partner to look good when you go out. (This means neither of you can pull the “What are you wearing?!” on a hungover Sunday mornings in your pyjamas or onesies – phew!).

The too many clothes argument

Then there’s the other side to it! Especially when you’re living together and have to share the wardrobe/drawer/floor space, you start to realise how ridiculous the amount of clothes, shoes or just general ‘stuff’ that you or your other half have.

You can laugh about it… up until the moment you can’t fit your freshly ironed shirt for tomorrow in the wardrobe because it’s overflowing with dresses, tops and skirts. Even if they’re your dresses, tops and skirts, the frustration over fabric is just too much. And BOOM – there are accusations of one of you owning more clothes than an entire country and never even wearing most of them, plus some serious consideration about splitting the wardrobe in to two equal halves.

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The money argument

Once you’re engaged, you start to think about joining up bank accounts, and that means sharing money. You begin to start keeping a tab on how your partner is at spending money – is she constantly coming back with shopping bags on her lunch breaks, or is he does he go a little over-the-top with the food shops?

Money can be a big topic in arguments between couples – fair enough that is something that needs to be talked about, but maybe it’s more practical with a little less yelling?

The parents-in-law argument

It’s a well-known joke that couples complain about their in-laws, but sometimes it gets a little too real. It might be that they just can’t seem to grasp that their little boy has grown up, or maybe they’re getting a bit too involved with the wedding planning, aka trying to take over completely.

Complaining about your partner’s parents is a tough one; sometimes you do just need to rant and who better to help than their own child. But sometimes, it can get a little personal. It’s hard to know where the line lies! Don’t worry though, this argument never lasts that long.

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The sleeping argument

Sharing a bed with someone for a while leads you to learn a lot of things about someone; the time they go to bed, if they sleep talk, if they snore or not, how often they hit the snooze button before getting out of bed, the position they like to sleep in.

So many things, right? The one thing that these things have in common is the potential to ruin the sleep of the person in the bed next to them. The constant need to put in ear plugs, dodge punches of sleeping arms, or roll them off ‘your side’ can seem a bit excessive for the basic human need of sleeping. And when it comes to sleep, or lack of it, people get grouchy – don’t even try and deny it.

The music in the car argument

It’s not always that you and your loved one have the same music taste, and it’s not always that you feel like listening to a certain genre at the same time. The last thing you want when you’re stressed out is to sit in the car and listen to heavy metal, but that’s exactly what he puts on… uh oh.

Then there’s the classic and one of the silliest arguments that most couples can’t help but admit to: getting mad when the other sings the lyrics wrong. It might be your favourite song, or it might be a song where the lyrics are so simple – either way, it’s painful to hear that he’s getting them wrong. So you tell it to him straight, and it all kicks off. The good news of this argument? They’ll never sing it wrong again.

The too much time together argument

Newly engaged couples do tend to spend a lot of time together, often a lot more time than usual. Not only are you in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of post-proposal, but you also have a wedding to plan!

Everyone knows that the ‘honeymoon phase’ is something that is temporary. It’s not that you’ll go from all loved-up to the total opposite, but the fascination of just gazing into your future husband or wife’s eyes starts to die down, just a little. This is why it’s important to remember your friends – don’t forget to plan your girly get-togethers or nights out with the lads.

The too little time together argument

Ah, then there’s spending too little time together. Maybe this comes after the ‘too much time together’ argument, or maybe you’re missing out on the premature honeymoon period that some experience once they’re engaged. Either way, of course you want to spend time with your fiancé, it might just not work out that way.

It’s a silly argument, especially for newly engaged couples, seeing as you’ve just agreed to spend the rest of your lives together, but it happens, and sometimes through no fault of your own! Who doesn’t get a bit needy from time to time? … even if he’s only been away for one night. You just miss them when you’re gone – it’s cute really! (For future reference: Ben and Jerry’s is a great solution).

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No need to worry if you’re having these silly arguments, even the best of friends have arguments – here’s how you know you’re marrying your best friend.