The place for DIY weddings has never been so trendy or cost-effective and with the help of sign writing experts like The Chalk Spot you can be inspired by words too!

Menu Cards

Handwritten Menu cards are a perfect place setting piece of design and for weddings on a budget whether created by yourself or someone else, can be a cost effective way to stylise your order of day in a way that ticks the boxes of your theme and decor too!


sign writing1


Welcome/Introduction Boards

Whether on chalkboards, mirrors or wooden boards, welcome words at the entrance to your reception are great ways to give your guests directions, enforce style or simply share the love of the happy couple. Finish off with soft and silvery foliage with stems of flowers in your bouquet to carry through your colour and look.


sign writing2


Reception/Table Decor

Source vintage and unique decor pieces to frame romantic messages to personalise your reception venue and decor. Your Wedding is a beautiful day, adorn it with beautiful things!


The Founder of The Chalk Spot, Clair Farmer, decided to turn her love for these DIY touches when she was planning her own wedding into a business and has gone on to equally love teaching others the simple techniques for creating their own signs.
My most favourite part of planning our own handmade wedding was deciding where and how we could add personalised touches. I understand how enjoyable it is to create your own pieces and have created the beginners guide to modern sign writing to encourage everyone to try it themselves. Modern Sign writing creates a beautiful, simple effect, and once you have mastered the basics you can apply it in many ways and across many other occasions!

The Chalk Spot can create all of these example for you and more depending on what you vision for your big day! Or you too can purchase your copy of Modern Sign Writing at The Chalk Spot and get started on your very own signs…


TOP TIPS from The Chalk Spot

Mastering faux calligraphy is essential to achieve beautiful Modern Sign-writing.
Practice individual letters over and over before tackling words to get a feel for how the letters flow.
Lightly sketch your design onto your item first with a soft art pencil – This will be easy to remove afterwards and less likely to scratch your item.
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