Everyone loves to throw a bit of confetti and with more and more couples now providing their own confetti, they need a way of telling guests what to do!

Shropshire confetti signs

To help, Shropshire Petals have launched new confetti signs to be placed with their confetti. Shropshire Petals have launched a Chalkboard Sign and a Chalkboard Easel. Simply write your message onto the Chalkboard Easel and place it next to your confetti or on a table where guests can take a handful ready for the big confetti moment. The Chalkboard Sign is great for placing in your confetti, as the confetti will help it to stand up.

Shropshire confetti signs2

The Chalkboard Easels are £1.50 each and the Chalkboard Signs are £1 each. A great little extra touch to your confetti moment.

Shropshire confetti signs1

For more information, visit www.shropshirepetals.com.