Throwing confetti over a newly married couple is a long-standing tradition that continues today. Typically, guests take a handful of confetti and throw it when instructed, creating a beautiful confetti moment for the couple to enjoy.

confeti pops 4

There are many new ways in which confetti can be thrown, such as confetti cones, confetti piñatas, wands and now Shropshire Petals have launched their new Confetti Pops! The Confetti Pop is as a fun for guests as it is for the couple. With a push and a pop, the newly-weds will be showered in delicate natural petal confetti. With their clever packaging reading “Pop my top, hold me high, throw my confetti, as the lovers pass by”, guests will know what to do when it comes to the confetti moment.

confetti pops1

And a ‘pop’ of colour to your wedding photos by choosing from a fabulous selection of colours and petal types using the Shropshire Petals pick and mix tool. Choose your favourite colours in delphinium & wildflower petals, and for a bit of added texture or an extra colour ‘pop’, choose some larger petals such as roses or hydrangeas to add to your confetti mix.

confetti pops2

Confetti Pops are available as singles, packs of 10 or the Confetti Pop Box package, which is a keepsake box complete with 25 Confetti Pops. Order your Confetti Pops now and have a popping great time!