Having Perfect, healthy hair on your wedding day is what all brides aspire to. We’re asked questions every day on what the best treatments to do are and when. Hair treatments are always a popular one among our readers. In light of this, we decided to try out the popular Olaplex treatment.

running hands through hair- olaplaex treatment

Should you get an Olaplex Treatment?

It’s loved by celebrities and hair stylists alike and we’ve seen the impressive results on Kim Kardashian herself. So we decided to investigate this hero treatment and see for ourselves.

What is Olaplex?

The thing to know about Olaplex is that it goes beyond a deep condition. Rather, it works to improve elasticity and strengthen hair from the inside. It slicks down lifted cuticles and repair broken disulfide bonds (the side bonds). Loved by those who bleach and dye their hair it’s also great for anyone suffering from frizzy, dry and damaged hair. It’s the first of its kind and it’s been so welcomed in the hair industry.

“Our clients love Olaplex,” says Sotira, owner of Sotira Georgio salon.

“It’s built a cult following because the results are obvious. You get what you pay for”.

How does it work?

Olaplex is a three-step treatment, the first two of which need to be done in a salon.

Step one (the bond multiplier) uses a concentrate, diluted and run from root to tip. Step two ( the bond perfector) is layered on top, locking in the first treatment. It’s like a deep conditioner that’s left to work for 15 minutes before it’s washed out. The results are noticeable after the first two steps, healthier, softer and whilst it’s not immediately noticeable to the naked eye, stronger.

The effects are continuous and they don’t undo with your next wash.

“It isn’t a wash-out treatment, what’s good about it is the fact it lasts.” Sotira tells us.

Finally, step three is done at home one a week on damp, unwashed hair. It’s a 15-minute treatment and when used weekly it maintains healthy hair installed by the salon treatments.

How often should we get it?

“We recommend Olaplex six months from your wedding,” says Sotira

“Then we’d say come in for another treatment once you’ve worked through your entire supply of stage three”.

Our results? Positive. The results were immediate, in look and feel, leaving hair bouncy and shiny. Done on uncoloured hair it worked as a strengthener and a deep conditioner, though we can appreciate the good it will do to colour treated hair. It’s a big health kick for all hair types and the beginning of a healthy hair journey.

The full Olaplex treatment is £65 at Sotira Georgio, Parsons Green.


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