When it comes to wedding hair, not everyone wants to grow it! Here are our top 10 short wedding hair ideas for a dreamy wedding day do…

sarareeve.comWow your guests with these amazing short wedding hair ideas from Wedding Ideas magazine, because bridal beauty doesn't have to mean long locks!

Retro waves

Think 50s chic with a glamorous edge. If you wear your hair straight, this retro look will transform you from the every day you to a glamorous girl in an instant. Simply part the hair to the side and use curlers or straighteners to create a few large waves to the tip.

Statement hairband

If your hair is really fine and stubborn, don’t stress about trying to give it some oomph, instead, let your accessory do the talking. Statement side hairbands with pearls, crystals or bows look super elegant and will give your hair the volume you crave.

The quiff

I’m not talking about Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary, just a subtle quiff that can be pinned back. For added volume and a rock ‘n’ roll twist, back comb the quiff. If you have fine hair, you may need to back comb or curl the rest of your ‘do so the quiff doesn’t look too dramatic.

Birdcage veil

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Ordinary veils can swamp short hair, so consider a birdcage veil that’s a little shorter than your ‘do. You don’t have to do anything with your locks because the veil will be the focus point, but soft waves underneath can complete the elegant look.

Boho plait

Unless you have a pixie cut, you should have long enough hair to plait the front. For best results, start the plait a little further than you would have a side parting and work it across your hair line to the opposite ear. Pin back with grips and spray. Effortlessly beautiful!

Half-up, half-down

Despite having short hair, if your locks reach your jaw line, you should have enough hair to attempt the half-up, half-down ‘do. Simply take small sections of hair from either side of your face then pin back. Crystal or pearl pins will complement the style, perfectly.

A single flower

For summery short wedding hair ideas hair ideas, consider placing a flower behind your ear, preferably one that features in your bouquet. It gives a laid-back, beach or country wedding look with minimal effort and expenditure!

Juliet cap

Another way of rocking a retro, Charleston look is to wear a Juliet cap. They cover a lot of your hair and are a great alternative to veils. The best bit? All you have to do is give your hair a lick over with the straighteners, and you’re done – it’s little wonder that this is one of our fav short wedding hair ideas!

Chic headbands

From flowery garlands for a festival-chic look to silver bands with a feather to finish for vintage brides, headbands across the forehead will look stunning, no matter what you do to the hair.

Grip one side

As simple as it sounds – as you would put your hair up, just pull back one side at the front and either plait it and secure, or simply grip with a comb if your hair is thick enough. The comb needs to be quite chunky to make it stand out, but this will allow you to leave the rest of the ‘do more or less untouched.

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What are your favourite short wedding hair ideas?