Not yet organised your wedding video? If the wedding budget is already looking a bit tight, Shoot It Yourself is a high-quality, budget-friendly alternative to a traditional videographer…

Shoot It Yourself
Photography: Bevin Sutherland

5 Reasons to Shoot Your Wedding Video with Shoot It Yourself

Say hello to Shoot It Yourself! The awesome alternative wedding video company, where your friends and family film your special day using professional cameras.

After that, the clever editors at Shoot It Yourself HQ compile it together into an awesome, heartwarming video that truly captures the fun and excitement of your wedding.

Here are 5 reasons you’ll love your Shoot It Yourself video…

You can be yourself

Being filmed by your mates is a totally different experience to being filmed by a stranger. You and your guests will be able to relax and be yourselves – the cameras will be in the mix to capture all the fun of your big day.

Shoot It Yourself
Photography: David C

You won’t miss a beat

After the months (or years) you’ve spent planning the biggest party of your lives, you won’t want to step away from the fun to film a cheesy Hollywood-worthy film. When you Shoot It Yourself, you’ll be at the heart of the party for every precious second.

You’ll be able to capture everything

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You get the cameras a few days before your wedding, so they’ll be ready to roll from the second you wake up. You’ll have them until the next day, so you’ll be able to capture all the special moments right up to the last man (or woman) standing.

You’ll enjoy yourself

Filming your friends is fun – fact. Having the professional cameras there means they become part of the entertainment for your guests. Filmers always say how honoured they are to have been asked to take part. Why not ask your mates and see if they’re up for it?

You’ll remember just how fantastic your wedding day was

The end video will be a true reflection of your day, like watching your wedding through the eyes of your friends and family. You’ll always remember how you cried at your dad’s speech, and laughed at your best mate’s drunk dancing, and forever see your wedding day through the eyes of the people that love you the most.

Shoot It Yourself
Credit: Binky Nixon

So, there you have it. There are loads of great reasons to bag a Shoot It Yourself video for your big day.

Contact Emily for more info about your Shoot It Yourself video: [email protected]. Tel: 01993 224185

Don’t forget to use the code WIM/10 to get 10% off when you book online!

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