Do-it-yourself videographer extraordinaires, Shoot It Yourself, have launched their exciting new website, featuring their new Video Venue Map, a personalised client area and an exclusive Gift List Service.


Brides-to-be can now check to see if their chosen venue has been featured in another Shoot It Yourself video and then they can watch the video, too! It’s the perfect way to inspire your designated filmers.

Shoot It Yourself have now got an option to allow couples to create their own gift list page. Friends and family can donate money towards the couple’s final balance and write them a personalised message. In return they get a special mention in the rolling credits at the end of their wedding video.

Couples can now manage their Shoot It Yourself account by logging straight on to the website. There they’ll be able to upload their delivery and collection details, send Shoot It Yourself their music choices, add any optional extra to their package and pay their final balance!

Visit Shoot It Yourself’s brand new website today!


  1. ‘Shoot it yourself’ wedding videos is a disaster waiting to happen. If you dont want a professional looking video then shoot it on your phone. You will do just a good job using your smart phones than hiring outdated kit from ‘shoot it yourself’. The quality of the work will wholly depend on who is shooting it for you. Thats the gamble. But if you want footage that looks like the camera has been thrown down the stairs then by all means ‘shoot it yourself’.

  2. That’s a very harsh reply Aaron.

    We’re seeing an increase in the number of people ‘shooting it themselves’ and from our own personal experience at weddings, it can be really good fun. The quality may not be like that of a professional, but surely having footage taken by your friends and family and laughing about it is great fun, and very personal – something a lot of couples want.

  3. I love the idea of doing it yourself, that’s very cool. Wedding videos are such a nice touch for any wedding, and this allows you to do it on a budget!


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