Duringguides-for-brides-phweddings the search for the perfect wedding dress, a recent survey shows that a shocking number of brides have resorted to buying multiple dresses in order to find ‘the one’.

In a survey by online wedding directory Guides for Brides, 68% of brides interviewed admitted to having two or more wedding dresses, with one in three brides buying a second dress to replace their first.

Vivienne Cowan, owner of Berkshire Brides puts some of the blame firmly on other family members – “Peer pressure from family members can sometimes dissuade a bride from buying what she really feels happiest with. She can settle on a dress just to pacify other people but it really is not what she wants.”

Have you ever had second thoughts about your wedding dress?


  1. I bought a second dress, not because I had been pressured into the wrong one, but because I loved two and couldn’t decide! I wore one (big “proper” dress) for the ceremony and wedding breakfast and then changed for the evening reception into a dress that felt more “me”.


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