Shape Up For The SummerHealth and fitness guru Janey Holiday reveals how to shape up for the summer months with these amazing top tips…

Know your metabolism

Many women overeat healthy foods, thinking that it will help them lose weight, but this is not always the case. Work out your basal metabolism (, then add your daily exercise/daily activity calories on top. Make sure you eat less than this to lose weight! As a rule, always over estimate calories in, and underestimate calories out – real results need a realistic approach.

Eat more raw foods

Raw foods are not only low in calories but they’re packed full of enzymes and antioxidants that will help your body function better, as well as help detox the body. Snack on crudités, have a mixed salad before your dinner, or add a green salad to the side of your lunch.

Juice every morning

Vegetable-based juices first thing in the morning will give your body what it loves. The juice will reduce hunger cravings and give you masses of sprite and vitality, ready for the day ahead. Carrot, cucumber, spinach, apple, lemon, celery, broccoli and pear are great combinations.

Eat more essential fat

Many women are scared of fat, but the good fat is, well, essential! It helps your skin, hair and nails look and feel fabulous and it also helps female fat cells to release fat. That’s right, if you want to shift fat, eat fat – the right kind, of course! Olive oil, avocados, seeds, nuts and oily fish are great sources, but be careful not to overeat. Instead, try to include a couple of portions each day. You’ll get a brilliant bridal glow in no time.

Cut back or cut out sugar

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Sugar is converted and stored as fat. Avoid products that may be low in fat but packed full of sugar or sweetener and even watch fruit consumption by following these three simple rules: 1) No fruit with other foods 2) No fruit after meals and 3) No fruit in the afternoon. This will massively reduce bloating (because fruit ferments when eaten like this), and it will alleviate sugar cravings as well as shift excess fat.

Have a savoury breakfast

Poached eggs and spinach or hummus and sliced cucumber on rye toast may sound strange, but it stops you starting the sugar rollercoaster and you should find your appetite reduces. The same goes for 4pm snacks – ditch your skinny latte and biscuit for an avocado, bowl of vegetable soup or some roasted vegetables and hummus instead.

Shape Up For The SummerBathe in Epsom salts

Epsom salts are popular with Hollywood A-listers ahead of red-carpet events because they reduce water retention, draw out toxins, help neutralise the body’s PH balance and calm down adrenals. They are cheap – about £1 a kilo – and you put up to 1kg in the bath, then you must spend at least 20 minutes in there.

Train smart

If you want amazing results, you need to put in 100% effort and commitment. Find music that pushes you, find a class that encourages you and visualise how you want to look and feel on the day. If you start to slack off, feeling too tired to go to the gym, focus on your goal and how you want to look, or play your music louder to drive you.

Do interval training

Many women do the same thing at the same pace for the same time over and over again, but our bodies respond better to interval training. This basically means pushing yourself for as hard as you can for as long as you can and then recovering at a lower intensity until you are ready to go again. If you were jogging for example, you would sprint for a minute, power walk/light jog for a minute and repeat about 10-15 times.

Be clever with your conditioning

Many women still think you need to do three sets of 15 reps when toning muscles, but this simply isn’t true. You are far better off doing one set, with slightly heavier weights (you will not bulk up!) and then move on to other muscle groups. This means more muscles toned in a fraction of the time!