Would YOU? The Sex Cruise Which Is Encouraging Free-spirited Couples To Get On Board…

Adventurous British couples are signing up left right and centre to board the most outrageous sex cruise liner where ‘clothing is optional’. Here’s why!


The Sex Cruise That's Encouraging Free-spirited Couples To Get On Board...
Desire Cruise


Say hello to Desire Resorts, the pioneer in adult vacation experiences, the first-ever couples-only, Desire Cruise. Offering explicit adult entertainment, steamy sensuality, world-class pool parties and new experiences that may just be beyond even YOUR wildest imagination.

Among the only vacations where the only rule is quite simply the dress code – ‘the kinkier, the better’!

Desire Cruise make stops in Florence

Launcing in April 2018, Desire Cruise’s sensual sea orgy will sail from Barcelona to Rome, with stops in  Monte Carlo, Florence and more. The best bit – The hottest activities for passengers to partake in. These include provocative theme nights, playrooms and workshops that let passengers get in touch with their sensual side.

Naughty Cruise evening entertainment is far from traditional...
Evening Entertainment


These ‘contemporary cruise concepts’ for the free-spirited couple are seeing hundreds of intrigued adults express their sexual desires, inhibition-free. All the while lapping up the perks of a sun-filled holiday at sea with many exotic and stunning routes to choose from.

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Are you this adventurous? Would you indulge in an adult-only couples Cruise?