Nervous about having your picture taken on the big day? An engagement shoot is a cool, confidence-boosting experience, as Editor of Wedding Ideas and bride-to-be, Jade, found out…


“As part of our wedding photography package with Enchanting Wood, we were given a free engagement shoot,” explains Jade. “At first I didn’t really see the point – it seemed like a bit of a vain thing to do! But after spending the day with Adam and Simon, shooting in one of my most favourite places in the world, I realised why engagement shoot are such a good idea.”


“It’s not about showing off or just an excuse to pose and be centre of attention, engagement shoots are a pre-wedding trial. You learn how to pose properly, find out the most flattering angles (and the most unflattering ones!) and work out how to smile for long periods without it looking false.”

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“It’s also a great chance to get to know your photographer. Many couples don’t meet their wedding photographer until the big day itself, which can be pretty awkward. Here you can meet and greet them, introduce yourselves and discuss the photography you do and don’t like – essential for perfect wedding photos.”



“My fiancé Dan and I chose to have the shoot at Holford Combe Mill near Kilve in Somerset. The reason being that I am a HUGE Bryan Adams fan, and he shot the video for Everything I Do I Do It For You in this very place! It’s still in exactly the same state of wear, and is such a calm and beautiful place.”

“It’s particularly pretty in Autumn, with all the leaves in different shades of green and brown, so we coincided it with my November birthday. We also wanted to have an Autumn wedding originally, but our wedding venue, Muddifords Court, didn’t have any availability then, so we settled for summer.”


“Having this photo shoot meant we could have lovely photos to treasure in our favourite season, which we know will look completely different to our wedding photos. Since the shoot, the mill has actually been sold, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever get the opportunity to enter the grounds again… And this makes the whole shoot even more special.”


“My favourite shots from the album are probably the more candid ones where neither Dan or I are posing. These really capture the happiness and fun we both felt on the day. Dan’s a stickler for staged shots and was insisting on the majority of them being posed on the wedding day, but after seeing these photos he changed his mind (phew!).”


“I would definitely recommend engagement or pre-wedding photoshoots to all couples. It’s so useful in so many ways, and it also gives you great keepsakes of a truly memorable day. You could even use one of the pictures for your wedding invitations, save the dates or even your thank you cards. Most photography packages offer this service, but if not, it’s absolutely worth an ask. After getting ours back, we’re even more excited for our big day!”

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