Play on not just the emotions of your guests, but their senses too by creating the perfect scented wedding sure to spark nostalgia in years to come.

place setting with candles for scented weddings

Scented Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

Scented weddings are growing in popularity but if you’re not too sure what they are, this article is your bible to everything you need to know. It’s when you use candles or diffusers to scent your wedding, alongside your flower displays. Scents can trigger memories and nostalgia, so scented weddings are a nice touch. Kate Middleton scented her wedding with Jo Malone London Orange Blossom, apparently.

Top tips:

  • Always err on the side of caution. Subtlety is better than potency. If you have scented candles, have them dotted around the edges of the room and keep the unscented candles on the tables. You’ll have no-doubt spent a fortune on flowers so you’ll want to be able to smell them and the warm glow from the unscented candles will create a nice ambience.
  • Stick to one fragrance per room. If you have a few scents that compliment your flower arrangements, use different ones in different areas or rooms. This way people will be able to pick up on the subtle nuances.
  • Make sure your venue allows open flames, otherwise you’ll need to look at reed diffusers (which we have also included in this roundup).
  • Choose your wedding flowers first, before your additional scents and ask your florist for advice on pairing your scents.

Celebrity florist, Jonathan Moseley, has shared his advice and insight on pairing scents for your wedding.

“A bridal bouquet without fragrance is like a meal without any taste. Fragrance and flowers are inextricably linked.” He tells us

“Like the refined blending of tastes, scented flowers need the fragrant diva but then also a supporting cast of more delicate subtle fragrant overtones.”

Achieving the Perfect Scented Wedding

“Flowers should always be the starting point as they are a huge part of the visual impact of the wedding day.” Says Jonathan, 

“The intrinsic natural beauty and fragrance that fresh, seasonal flowers possess can easily be accentuated by candles, reed diffusers or room sprays that compliment or accentuate the natural smell of the flowers.”

Which Smells with Which Flowers?


White roses represent humility, innocence and true love. They are one of, if not the most popular wedding flower for obvious reasons- they look and smell amazing. 

bouquets of roses in baskets for scented weddings

Paired with:

max Benjamin white pomegranate candle for scented weddings
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White Pomegranate Candle, Max Benjamin 

They said:

Our beautiful White Pomegranate candle infuses fresh Pomegranate with exotic rosebud revealing a heart of lily and gardenia. Cassis and vanilla add warmth and sensuality to this romantic and relaxing aroma.

We said:

The White Pomegranate candle has a really delicate and subtle scent, which is the perfect accompaniment for roses. combined they create a sweet and delicate scent, great for indoor weddings.

You can buy the pomegranate candle here.


Also known as ‘Baby’s Breath’, Gypsophilia hasn’t got the best reputation on the smell front, but it does look beautiful. Whether paired with other flowers in a bouquet or as a standalone bunch, they are incredibly popular for weddings and very budget-friendly.

rose and gypsophila bouquet for scented weddings

Paired with:

preserved roses and reed diffuser for scented weddings

Eternal Rose and Oud Diffuser with White Preserved Roses, Eternal Blooms 

They said:

Notes of precious Oud are enveloped with luxurious Persian rose petals, vetiver and raspberry. A warm seductive base of cedar wood and patchouli give this classic favourite an exotic twist

We say:

You couldn’t find a more perfect wedding diffuser than these from Eternal Blooms with preserved roses. The deep and musky scent of the oud and patchouli is warming against the sweet smell of Persian roses. This scent is great for covering up the smell of baby’s breath/ gypsophila.

You can buy the diffuser and preserved roses here. 

White Tuberosa Flowers

tuberose bouquet Scented weddings- everything you need to know about this 2019 trend

Paired with:

ted baker diffuser scented wedding trend
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Fig and olive diffuser, Ted Baker 

What they say:

‘Warm and fresh in an elegant deep grey tone, this green floral scent blends notes of luxurious fig and soft olive blossom, with fragrant geranium and rich amber.’

What Jonathan says:

“I recommend the Tuberosa. The multi-layered fragrance from the flower would be complemented perfectly by the fig and scented geranium.”

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Narcissus / Daffodils

Daffodils symbolise new beginnings, which is a comforting and exciting thought in this new chapter in your life.

narcissus bouquet Scented weddings- everything you need to know about this 2019 trend

Paired with:

neom happiness candle for scented weddings

Happiness candle, NEOM

They say:

“A complex blend of 7 of the purest possible essential oils including, Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon.”

Jonathan says:

“To complement both the name and the fragrance I would recommend cheerful fragrant narcissi look out for the Paperwhite, Cheerfulness or Bridal Crown varieties.”

Buy the NEOM Happiness candle here. 

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is the flower of appreciation and lends itself nicely to a huge range of floral arrangements.

Sweettpea bouquet for scented weddings

Paired with:

diptyque jasmin candle scented weddings

Jasmin Candle, Diptyque 

The say:

‘Sensual and voluptuous, it pays homage to the legendary flower, reproducing the captivating atmosphere of a Mediterranean garden.’

Jonathan says:

“I think a strong summer fragrant flower like Sweet Pea would offer the perfect partnership to the Jasmin candle” 

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Lavender represents grace and elegance, which couldn’t be more fitting for a wedding. Plus, it adds a lovely pop of colour and punchy scent to a bouquet.

lavender wedding bouquet

Paired with:

Wilnelia Forsyth Coquito candle scented weddings

Wilnelia Forsyth Coquito Candle 

They said:

‘A rich, creamy, seductive aroma combining precious woods, with resins, aromatic spices and citrus peel. Heart notes are the brands classic enriched tropical flowers, Ylang Ylang combined with moody smoky notes.’

Jonathan says:

“The lavender is nicely balanced with the wholesome fragrances from this Coquita candle. The tropical notes and citrus scent nicely offset it beautifully.”

You can buy this Coquito candle here.

Orange blossom scented wedding

Orange blossom is a popular flower for wedding bouquets, as pictured below (the small white flowers). They are also associated with bringing good fortune and you can’t argue with that.

orange blossom bouquet scented weddings

Paired with:

scented weddings eucalyptus diptyque candle

Eucalyptus Candle, Diptyque

They said:

‘The fragrance liberates the intense aromatic freshness of the eucalyptus, heated up by the Mediterranean sun. The bark and crushed leaves release a pleasant aromatic scent with camphor accents for a heady herbal aroma.’

Jonathan says:

“Eucalyptus is best cut with lavender as it’s quite a delicate scent, balancing the heady notes of lavender.”

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Gardenia is a hugely popular wedding bouquet flower. It represents purity and refinement, apt for such a special occasion.

plain white gardenia flowers for scented weddings

Paired with:

white company lime and bay collection for scented weddings

Lime and Bay Candle, The White Company  

They said:

Like stepping into a colourful tropical garden. Beautifully alluring, this perfect fusion of exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and lemon is laced with jasmine buds, lime blossom, ginger and crushed bay leaves. Finished with warming notes of patchouli, the resulting scent is wonderfully vibrant.

Jonathan said:

“Gardenia flowers have a really pleasant and sweet scent, similar to Jasmin. The jasmine and citrus in this candle work well with the flowers, but it’s the brushed bay that notably works with gardenia.” 

Buy this White Company candle here. 


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