Scent is quite often overlooked when organising an event or more specifically a wedding, but it can add a lovely level of detail to such a special day.

It is popular now for a bride-to-be to treat herself to a new scent to wear on her wedding day, choosing something that will always remind her of her wedding day. Couples are choosing their flower arrangements based not only on their colour but their fragrance too. So why not take it a step further and consider creating a bespoke scented candle, which can burn on your day or be taken away by your guests, to evoke lovely memories for years to come? That’s where By Laura London comes in. Laura is a scented candle maker based in South London who works with couples to do just that –– add a bespoke scent to their special day.

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Have a scent burning throughout your wedding day

Work with Laura to mix fragrances, creating a bespoke scent for you to burn on your wedding day. Whether you choose to have the candles burning in the ceremony venue where you’ll be saying I do or placed on each of your reception tables during your wedding breakfast, your unique fragrance will really add an element of luxury and atmosphere to the space. Perhaps you have a scent that you both love, like jasmine or vetiver, or you’d like a scent to further support your floral arrangements and favour the sweet smells of peonies or geranium. You could use the scent to create a mood – citrus and herbs are said to make you feel uplifted, while lavender is calming – or you could choose a scent that reminds you of a loved on that can’t be with you on the day. The scent options are endless and result in a bespoke scent that will always be reminiscent of your wedding day.

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Your scented candles can be styled to fit in with your decoration, smell exactly as you choose and be positioned to feature in the day just as you’d like. Think of them positioned at the end of the aisle, flickering away during your ceremony, or filling the room with scent as your guests tuck into their canapés and Champagne at your drinks reception. Alternatively, why not surround them with flowers, incorporating them into your table centrepieces? It’s all about making them fit in with the day you’re dreaming of and adding that extra little touch to help create a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere for your guests, too.

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Create a range of scented candles to give your guests as wedding favours

Either in addition to using candles at the wedding venue or as a separate element, you could also give your guests a favour that they’ll definitely remember to take home. Wrapped up or decorated to tie in with your colour scheme, these cute little jars, filled with a beautifully scented candle, will remind your nearest and dearest of your special day when they cosy up and light them, filling the room with your bespoke scent.

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Create a range of scented candles to gift to special members of your wedding party

It can be hard trying to decide what to get your bridesmaids or your parents-in-law to thank them for all their help. A scented candle with a unique and bespoke message from you, which will remind them of your day, can be a great way to do that just that. Don’t forget you might want to keep one for yourselves, too, to burn on your first anniversary.

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If you’re intrigued then why not give #bylaurawedding a search on Instagram or get in touch with Laura at [email protected].