Only a short flight from the UK, the pretty island of Sicily celebrates everything from glorious Mediterranean cuisine, culture, and history, to the natural landscapes, oceans and beaches that form it.

And with sun-kissed weather and a handpicked, romantic Scent of Sicily villa rental providing the perfect accompaniments, newlyweds should set their sights on this island for a honeymoon that is nothing short of heavenly.


Beaches, culture, food, wine, nature - Sicily has it all. And with your choice of Scent of Sicily rental villa, you can enjoy it all in honeymoon luxury...
Villa Zoe, Scent of Sicily


The west coast of Sicily has its own special charm, as it stretches out and tempts you to wander its length. Why limit yourself to one honeymoon destination, when you could have two? With the cities of Trapani and Marsala as your twin bases, you’ll have the chance to indulge in everything from blissful beaches to cultural excursions and wildlife encounters – or simply secret yourselves away in the luxury and romance of your villa…

If you can tear yourselves from your private and charming retreat, then this guide to the best things to taste, see and do on Sicily’s west coast will set your honeymoon apart from other beach holidays and ensure it’s one to remember.



The stretch of coastline between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo is a particularly beautiful area for seemingly limitless sandy beaches that hug the ‘Sicily Channel’. At these beaches you’ll find a blissful breeze and magically transparent waters. And if you choose to stay at Villa Lory, Marsala, you’ll have a sandy beach and turquoise ocean just 100m from your door…


Beaches, culture, food, wine, nature - Sicily has it all. And with your choice of Scent of Sicily rental villa, you can enjoy it all in honeymoon luxury...
Villa Sweet Memory, Scent of Sicily



In both Trapani and Marsala, Baroque architecture infuses romance and glamour into the very fabric of the buildings. Coupled with the iconic wrought iron balconies, Trapani could easily rival even the most romantic locations on mainland Italy. Immerse yourself fully by making the Dome Penthouse in Marsala your honeymoon haven – luxuriously furnished and an original Liberty-style building, your days in will be as impressive as your days out.

You can dip your toes even further into Sicilian culture with a visit to the Museo Regionale Agostino Pepoli, where the 14th-century former convent now houses an array of Sicilian sculpture and painting. With Villa Jasmine as your base, both Trapani and the historic city of Erice are just 9km away, so it’s the perfect spot to stay if you’re after a culture fix.


Food and drink

It goes without saying that sampling the famed Marsala dessert wine is a must when honeymooning in Sicily. The annual harvest takes place between September and October, so if you’re planning a late summer or autumn wedding, you’ve also chosen a perfect time to honeymoon in Sicily. If you find yourself getting a taste for these quality wines, why not book Scent of Sicily rental villa, Villa le Bifore? Here, the stylish pool is surrounded by both grapevines and lawns, making it any sommeliers sanctuary…

In Trapani too you’ll find flavoursome treats. Their ‘busiate’ pasta with almond pesto simply has to make it onto the menu (and perhaps a few jars of Trapanese pesto into your suitcase, too…)


Beaches, culture, food, wine, nature - Sicily has it all. And with your choice of Scent of Sicily rental villa, you can enjoy it all in honeymoon luxury...
Villa Saracena, Scent of Sicily



Both cities boast their own nature reserves and salt pans – The Saltpans of Trapani and Paceco and The Stagnone Nature Reserve in Marsala. At each you’ll find pink flamingos, ancient windmills and dreamy landscapes, all of which combine to create enviable honeymoon photo opportunities. The sunsets over the saltpans are particularly spectacular, as the blazing skies are reflected on the ground, so be sure to plan a visit during the golden hour.

Trapani, dubbed by Scent of Sicily as the city between two seas, earned its name thanks to its location where the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas meet in front of the peninsula. It’s a sight you won’t often find, and it makes the sea view here one that is particularly special.

If you’d like to enjoy Sicilian nature from the privacy of your own Scent of Sicily rental villa, then stay at Villa Lilybeum. Residing within a 9,000-square-metre garden and with a private saltwater swimming pool, you can while away hours in the sun watching out for Sicilian wildlife with your new spouse.


Getting there

A more practical beauty of Sicily is that travelling here can be as hassle-free as finding your perfect private honeymoon Scent of Sicily rental villa. With both Marsala and Trapani well serviced by airports, a short drive concludes an equally brief flight, so you’ll be in honeymoon paradise in no time. There’s also port access to the Aegean islands if you feel inclined to embrace island hopping, too.


To find your own idyllic villa, visit Scent of Sicily where a covetable collection of the very best romantic villas await you. The biggest challenge will be choosing just one or two to rent…