Wedding makeup is different to every day makeup – why? It has to be long-lasting and look great in photographs, whether you’re in a field of daisies at noon or in an Alpine chalet at midnight. But ultimately, it has to beat the toughest of challenges – tears… Lots. Of. Tears.

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Face primer

A good primer will be the most important item in your basket. The right base will blur imperfections, fill in lines, even out discolouration, help makeup glide on smoothly, minimise shine and keep your skin far from looking dull… Need we say more? Avoid spillage with a handy pump applicator option like the Bourgois Happy Matifying Primer (from £10.99). The primer is lightweight, hydrates your skin, controls shine and does major airbrushing.

Top bridal makeup tip: Avoid trying new skin care products right before your special day. It can change your skin’s texture (for better or for worse) and can block the primer from settling in correctly.

Eye primer

Ever look in the mirror on a night out to find that your eye shadow looks like it’s been brushed on by a 4 year old? To avoid creases, one swipe of a good product like the Rimmel London Undercover Shadow Primer (from £3.74) will keep everything in place.

Top bridal makeup tip: Don’t use your face primer on your eyes unless you want to add clumps to your eyeshadow! 0044

Eye shadow

Always start with your eye makeup – that way, you can brush away any leftover residue without ruining your foundation. To keep things light and fresh, use a palette with a range of jewel-toned colours. From petal pink to midnight blue, No.7’s 80th Anniversary Smokey Eyeshadow Palette (from £13.50) has a combination of translucent and shimmery shades for you to choose from and won’t have you looking tired by the end of the night.

Top bridal makeup tip: If you opt for a matte eye palette, a dark brown can act as a bronzer!

Eye liner

Eye liner can be intimidating… but fear not! A gel version like L’Oreal’s Gelmatic Superliner (from £5.99) rolls right on with its soft tip and has a sublime velvety texture. With slimline precision, it provides a sexy matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

Top bridal makeup tip: Have a friend practice on you to see who does it best! What are bridesmaids for anyhow? 009Mr&MrsPaxton


With zero clumping or flaking, get dramatic volume with a dark, mega-waterproof mascara like the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Rich Mascara (from £4.50). This beauty product has a fluffy brush that feels soft against the eyes and will keep from streaming down your face during speeches.

Top bridal makeup tip: Afraid of the tear-jerkers? Try on falsies as a back-up plan.


A multi-purpose foundation that covers all skin concerns is a must. Vichy’s Dermablend Corrective Foundation (from £17.99) is an oil-free option that effectively masks any imperfections and treats dark spots at the same time. It’s super easy to apply using either a brush or a sponge and blends in beautifully.

Top bridal makeup tip: Avoid products with a high SPF as you might start to look a few shades lighter in photographs!


The last thing you want is to get your hands dirty when touching up. Opt for a stick concealer available in various shades that you won’t have to blend in. The Autograph Ultimate Wear Long Lasting Concealer (from £7) is a hypoallergenic option with up to 12 hours wear, and fits discretely in your evening clutch.

Top bridal makeup tip: Concealer should be applied after foundation as its consistency is creamier than that of foundation, so will start to dry out quickly if layered underneath.


Whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, a product like the Clinique True Pressed Sunkissed Powder (from £19.75) creates a natural-looking, sunny glow. It comes in a small compact with its own brush and builds easily to your desired level for ‘Bronzed-Goddess’ appeal.

Top bridal makeup tip: Bronzer = Blusher. Use this handy little compact to add a flush to your cheeks mid party! Wedding!!! Suzy 759


There’s nothing prettier than a rosy glow on a bride. A complimentary product like Stila’s Baked Cheek Duo (from £15) easily builds colour and offers two tones, a matte peachy pink for the apples of your cheeks and a glowing baby pink you can use as a highlighter – score!

Top bridal makeup tip: Want to go creamy? Use a blusher on your lips too!


Define your arches and fill in gaps with a multi-purpose product like the Revlon Brow Fantasy Gel Pencil (from £7.99). Then flip it over to apply the gel to keep from budging.

Top bridal makeup tip: Store this handy product in your purse, you never know when a hair will go astray or when you need to touch up your eyeliner! Amy & Adam-1001


From bubblegum to coral, the possibilities of lip colours are endless. But I recently discovered a product that trumps them all – Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick (from £3.99). This amazing little tube has the biggest lifesaver of them all – a mirror! Perfect for when you need a quick fix.

Top bridal makeup tip: Go for similar tones when choosing your lip and nail polish colours!

Well done! You are officially a savvy bride-to-be that is an awesome MUA. Visit My Beauty Matches today and start comparing prices on these must-have wedding beauty products. Congratulations, ladies!