Most couples hope for sunshine on their wedding day making proper sun protection essential to prevent prickly heat induced redness, sun damage and to ensure a beautiful wedding photo collection. Leading Swiss sun care experts Ultrasun offer a range of photo stable products that are sure to keep the happy couple looking picture perfect on the Big Day! Formulated in Switzerland Ultrasun products need to be applied just once for broad-spectrum, water resistant (also tear proof!) sun protection that lasts all day.

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Ultrasun, known for their patented advanced broad spectrum sun protection formulas, have introduced 5 brand new additions to the range! Whether getting married and honeymooning in the UK or jetting off to tropical climes, the Ultrasun range offers the highest sun protection products available on the market.

The new additions to the range are…


Hand 30SPF Anti-pigmentation
Targeted protection for a neglected ‘tell tale’ area

It’s often said that the hands are a neglected area of protection from the elements and yet one of the earliest areas to show spot sun damage and ageing.This product offers high-level protection from both UVA and UVB with powerful anti-ageing and targeted ingredients. A sun protection and daily hand treatment in one that results in a visible brightening of existing pigmentation in just 14 days. Water resistant and free from perfume, mineral oils, emulsifiers and silicones. New for 2016 Anti-Pigmentation Hand SPF 30 (Available in 75ml: £18), a beautifully lightweight formula specifically for the hands but the same pigmentation reducing ingredients to ensure your hands are smooth and bright on your big day.
                                                      Available in 75ml: £18.00

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Eye Formula 30SPF

Targeted protection for the thinnest and most sensitive area of the face

With UVA and UVB filters, this lightweight, hydrating formula protects the area where we show photo ageing the most. With a lightening and brightening effect, one application a day will hydrate, reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and most of all protect, protect, protect! Super sensitive and suitable for contact lens wearers.
Available in 15ml: £18.00





Face 50SPF Tinted

Now available in a higher SPF and a choice of two shades. Ivory (fair/light) or Honey (medium/dark)

Beautifully lightweight, but offering very heavy duty UVA & UVB protection. Containing Ectoin a revolutionary and rare natural enzyme that protects the skin from the effects of UVA induced damage and premature photo ageing. This easy to-apply once-a-day anti-ageing moisturiser can be used in place of your normal day cream and is formulated with a hint of colour, in two shades for the perfect finish whatever your skin tone.
                                                     Available in 50ml: £26.00


Glimmer 50+ SPF
Higher protection with the same popular golden sheen

This beautiful formula will be adored by little princesses and more mature princesses alike. Get your glimmer on and enjoy the sunshine whilst protecting to the maximum EU standard possible. The ground-breaking formula containing tiny golden ‘glimmers’ gives the skin a beautiful golden, sparkling sheen so even the fairest maidens can feel radiant and gorgeous whilst in the sunshine. This is extremely high broad spectrum (UVA + UVB) for long lasting protection with just one application.
Available in 100ml: £22.00

The award-winning Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20  (Available in 100ml: £18, 150ml: £23, 400ml £46) for in the UK or SPF50+  (Available in 100ml: £22)for overseas  is especially suitable for the bridal party. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula contains antioxidants and an enzyme that combats free radical activity. Multitasking tiny golden glimmers help to raise sun protection by deflecting the sun’s rays as well as adding a sophisticated subtle glow to the skin, ideal for protecting and highlighting when wearing strapless dresses.



Tinted Body Formula 30SPF
Colour AND high protection

Following the success of the hugely popular tinted formula for the face, this is the ideal blend of colour and protection for the body, and perfect for all those looking for a bit more glam and colour from their sun protection. The Ultrasun Tinted Body Formula 30SPF delivers high, all day protection (UVA + UVB SPF30) with just one application. Its super sensitive formulation glides on the body, leaving arms and legs radiant whilst helping to prevent future sun damage and reducing the risk of ‘prickly heat’. Great for the first outing of summer dresses in the season.
Available in 150ml: £26.00

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