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Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine

By Natasha Newland, and Rachel Southwood

We all know the UK wedding industry is lucky to have some truly inspiring, wonderful, and passionate professionals calling it their home. However, at Wedding Ideas we also want to know what makes these people want to look after you in the run up, during and after your absolutely beautiful and individual wedding day.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Jo and Andrew, Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke, image by Ikonworks.

So, today I am delighted to introduce Tasha from Ikonworks, the newest member of the Wedding Ideas writing team. She is one of those inspiring peeps we adore, and I know she is really excited to get started writing beautiful features for us. She has featured regularly across leading industry blogs and magazines with her beautiful imagery. She has photographed everything from exquisite Hampshire bridal boutiques to London catwalks, Bridal charity figureheads to ex prima ballerinas turned bridal designers, in huge London churches to haunted Cotswold mansions, and of course her most favourite thing of all her Brides and Grooms. Tasha is a Hampshire based photographer with a meticulous attention to detail, a gentle touch, who has an innate ability to immediately put you at ease.

If you’re still looking for your wedding photographer then you may love us at the end of this article, we hope you enjoy what she has to say, love her elegant and stylish images and like us can’t wait for the next post. Over to you Tash X

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Jo and Andrew, Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke, image by Ikonworks.

An Artist and a story teller
By Tasha Newland, you can follow me on Instagram here.  “I’ve got four things for you today – “I had you at hello”, “some truly gorgeous images”, “a quick question” and “a very easy request”…

Carolyn Mohr said “imagery, intrigue and emotion, each introduction makes you want to read more”.

So I am writing this introduction hoping that my images inspire you, my words engage you, and that you read to the end of my very first post for Wedding Ideas.  A la Jerry Maguire, did I have you at hello?


I am a proud, hard working professional photographer, and I am lucky enough to be able to say this is my second career, or is it my calling? Ikonworks, as a business, is growing and developing, and I am joyful and lucky to find a very special place for my art in this wonderful world of weddings. I am not ashamed to say I seek perfection for my clients – bride to designer, charity wonder to shoe queen, and all the way back again. Capturing images is what I love doing, and giving up my corporate career was the kick I needed to broaden my horizons. The stratospheric learning curve I began at that point was eye watering, intensely frustrating, and mesmerising all at the same time.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Kelly and Adam, winter wedding at the Tithe Barn, Petersfield in Hampshire, images by Ikonworks.

Did you know that the UK wedding industry is worth over £10bn a year, and that, in 2012, an amazing 301,254 couples married? Each declared their love for each other in front of family and friends, children and colleagues, at venues of such variety – I have found myself standing in a fabulous wooded clearing in the Kent Countryside (hoping with every fibre of my being it did not rain), and an exquisite private residence deep in the Hampshire Countryside only recently granted their wedding license – to name but two.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
The ikonworks editorial photoshoot at the gorgeous Penton Park, Hampshire, images by Ikonworks.

Wedding photography has, and is, continuing to change. As a photographer you have to be visible and engaging, not just with the images you produce for your clients, but in the way you speak about your business in the minuscule space you have visible to the outside world. Wonderful websites like Wedding Ideas, and social media (especially Instagram) are platforms where you can not only engage with potential clients, but also with other amazing industry superstars and start up businesses, with stellar products and services just waiting to be discovered. Other people, like me, creating fabulous wedding-related products for savvy Brides and Grooms who are on a mission to find super, inspirational suppliers to compliment and enhance their day.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
The amazing Chanticleer Brides and of course the exquisite Emmy London, images by Ikonworks.

I photographed some exceptional weddings last year, as well as three incredible editorial shoots, and many wonderful commercial bookings from wedding suppliers needing website, blog and social media images. I even photographed a bridal designer’s 2016 dress collection, and the ultimate shoe queen’s studio (more on those later). I can honestly say I have loved every single minute of it. Everything I have just mentioned has a story I am privileged to be able to tell, with funny, serious and tearful moments. I am delighted to say it’s not just you taking away memories, I have them as well and we both have the images to prove they happened. From tender touch’s, to silly dances, hilarious speeches, to breathtaking flowers, torrential downpours, shy guests, extrovert guests, and children who are delightfully excited with their fab bridesmaid dresses. Every booking you take, you have to remember you don’t get a second chance to get it right.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Dancing, prancing, laughing, a gentle touch, and rain that waited just long enough, images by Ikonworks.

The service Ikonworks provides is all about you and what you want, and it’s my job to adapt, ease and comfort you through our time together. This is where the “gentle touch” becomes every so apparent and is much needed, as there is nothing worse than a barked set of repetitive poses making you feel very uncomfortable indeed.

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Penton Park, Hampshire open day, images by Ikonworks.

Wedding photography collections by Ikonworks start at £1650, with collections also available for weekdays and even a special offer.  You can find out more here, and you can get in touch with me here. Commercial photography starts at as little as £200, and I would happily answer any questions you have about these prices, what’s included or anything else for that matter, you can also find out more here.

You can find my blog, “The Skinny”, here, I am also to be found on social media here, here, here, and finally here, so why not connect?!

I leave you with some very kind words from clients and colleagues, you can find more of these on my website.

Testimonial from Sharon Dawson, Eye Candy Hair and Makeup
“I have had the pleasure of working with Tasha on several photo shoots now, and I have never seen such enthusiasm and dedication before. Her attention to detail is amazing and her concepts transform dreams into reality. Tasha is primarily a photographer but when you meet her you see much much more. She is an inspirational person who thinks entirely in images, which is a skill in itself. If you can’t articulate your dream, she will do it for you, shoot it, then print it. You will never look at your images and think ‘I wish I had done something different’ because with Tasha, you already have.”

Testimonial from Jo and Jay, Kent wedding photography
“We couldn’t be happier with how our wedding photos have turned out. Tasha did everything we asked for and so much more, capturing special moments and providing us with memories we will love forever.  We were also so happy that Tasha immersed herself in the vibe and relaxed feeling of the day, she was professional but so friendly and willing to go with our festival whims and every one of our guests has commented on how awesome she is.”

Testimonial from Wedding and Event Manager, Hambledon Vineyard
“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see it’s the way you see them’ quote taken from Elliot Erwitt. This couldn’t be more true when Tasha worked with us at Hambledon Vineyard and her task was to capture the life, soul and uniqueness of the venue, rather than a pretty photo for our website. Her photos are full of life and that matches her personality, we so pleased and proud to showcase our photos to our brides.”

Introduction piece by Ikonworks for Wedding Ideas Magazine
Jo and Jay, The Wise Wedding Venue in Kent, image by Ikonworks.

The quick question

As business owners, content writers, and social media goddesses, we are always trying to create posts to inspire and entice you. If there are subjects you would like us to write about, add a comment, email us, tweet us, add a comment on an Instagram post, or even pick up the phone. I would love to know what you would like from us.

My next post, this coming Sunday is all about the rather talented and lovely Charlotte Mills and her beautiful boutique opening in March.  I first met Charlotte at Brides the Show (her first exhibit in 2014).  I love that the styles are hand finished with a silver sixpence in the left shoe and that the leather soles are beautifully embossed with the phrase ‘Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’  I promise you will enjoy the images, love the shoes and want to get in touch with Charlotte very soon.

Final-ikonworks-logo copy

Closing loveliness… and the easy request…

So, if you are still reading – and, thank goodness if you are – I am truly happy, for one very special reason. I have one final, yet very easy, request…

Please connect on our social media, share this post on your social media, and tag us in.  We can’t wait to say hi, remember to tag #ikonworks #Hampshire and #20weddingideas.  Why create the tags, because it helps us find your posts, and that makes it really exciting for us.

I am offering 20% off the price of all my full price collections for the next 30 days. Terms and conditions do apply (and are available upon request, and your date has to be available in my schedule to qualify… So don’t leave it too long to make contact.

I hope you enjoyed my first post.

Love Tasha X



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