Candid, cool and contemporary was how Editor of Wedding Ideas Jade described the images of this year’s Best Wedding Photographer at the Wedding Ideas Awards 2014. So let’s hear from the lucky lady herself, Sarah Legge…


“Can I say ‘whoop whoop!’ again?! Still recovering from the shock (and the wine!),” says Sarah. “The Best Wedding Photographer category was crammed with such talent that I didn’t for a moment expect to win. However, I was still super excited to get dressed up and go to a posh party with my husband.”


“We were seated with some really fun suppliers and their partners so the wine and laughter flowed and the meal flew past.  Then suddenly it was the awards and I was girding myself for disappointment… then suddenly someone called my name!”

“It sounds over the top but it was one of the most surprising, happy moments I can remember (having my lovely babies was great, of course, but hardly a surprise after 9 months!). I work so hard and pour so much of myself into the business that to have been noticed by real brides who aren’t necessarily my clients and then to have been picked by a panel of industry experts (including one of my wedding photographer heroes) was just the pinnacle of my dreams.”

So what was the best bit about the night for Sarah? “The best bit was, of course, hearing my name being read out and not believing it and having to be pushed up to the stage by my hubby… But a close second has been the incredible response from friends, clients and acquaintances.”

“I’ve had literally hundreds of messages of congratulations, including someone telling me he’d started his photography business because of me, and friends calling me inspirational.”


“Oh and a close third best thing is hoping a boss from a past life finds out – he laughed in my face when I told him I wanted to be a top wedding photographer when he asked where I saw my future career going (I’m a much better photographer than I was a banking marketer).”


“To the brides who voted for me, I’d like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their support. Awards are great (REALLY GREAT) but genuinely in the end all I need is for my wedding couples to be overjoyed with how I’ve captured the memories of their special day. The fact that real brides see something special in my images is just fantastic – that’s what it’s all about.”

Have you seen Sarah’s work? Check out one of her real weddings right here!


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