Picture: Courtesy of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

The adults-only all-inclusive Sandals Royal Bahamian makes for the perfect honeymoon destination, our Bahamas guide reveals

Growing up, my grandparents had a gorgeous globe which has since, much to my dismay, been gifted to my brother. I would spend hours marvelling at it, spinning the marble on its golden axis and paying particular attention to a specific part. A part that shone iridescent in comparison to the rest as if little gemstones had been scattered. It was lighter than anywhere else, outshining every other part although in comparison it was minute.

The part I’m referring to is The Islands of the Bahamas. A glittering jewel that captivated not only little old me playing with the globe in my grandparents sitting room, but also that of astronauts in space. Its waters so clear and sand so bright it can be seen from the Space Station, almost as if an error occurred in comparison to the rest of the world.

Below I have outlined how best to spend your honeymoon in the Bahamas, advice I’m tuneful with as I take you through the time I spent visiting earlier this year. You’ll find where to stay, the best places to visit, what to do and why I believe the Bahamas makes for the perfect honeymoon destination.

Where to stay for your honeymoon in the Bahamas: Sandals Royal Bahamian

A convenient ten-minute drive from Nassau Airport and we were at our home for the next few days – Sandals Royal Bahamian, perched next to Nassau’s infamous Cable Beach. This was my first time staying at a Sandals resort, my only prior association with the luxury brand was marvelling at the powdery-white beaches they often advertised in glossy magazines and on TV, so naturally I was elated.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of champagne and given a smartphone by our personal butler, which we were told to use for any request we had during the duration of our stay- a concept ridiculously foreign to me, but one that elevated our experience beyond measure. My butler Sterling showed me to my villa, which was in the Island Village and just one of thirty-three varieties of room Sandals Royal Bahamian has to offer.

Butler Suite, in the Royal Bahamian Island Village.

My room was on the first floor of a standalone house that looked like it had been picked out of a Hamptons beach front. Inside the relaxed spirit of the Bahamas was tastefully intertwined with the villa’s furnishings and a palette that resembled the light and airy nature outside of it. The king size bed adorned with gorgeous linens taunted me as a resisted the dreaded post-plane jet lag nap.

The balcony and soaking tub, perfect for a night of unwinding.

My balcony was a haven. On it a gorgeous soaking tub granted privacy by the jungle canopy surrounding it. With nobody to share it with but myself I could only imagine how romantic an experience it would be for couples, especially newlyweds.

Where to eat during your honeymoon in the Bahamas

The Sandals Royal Bahamian resort hosts twelve dining options, conceptualising flavours from Caribbean, French, British, Italian, and Japanese cuisines; all of which offer their own individual experience. We headed to Kimonos for an entertaining teppanyaki dinner, sat over the ocean and watched the sunset while being served fresh seafood at Gordon’s on the Pier, and dressed up for a refined fine-dining experience at La Plume. Much to the credit of executive chef Colin Watson, the food at Sandals Royal Bahamian was at a consistently high standard.

Gordon’s on the Pier, a seafood restaurant available to book during your stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian.

For more casual eating, there were two food trucks. One that specialised in coffee and sweet treats, and the other specialising in authentic Bahamian food like conch fritters, perfect to visit to armour yourself before a day on the beach.

You’ll love

Sandals Royal Bahamian is the only resort in Nassau with its own private island, Barefoot Cay, which boasts its own delicious restaurant well worth visiting. Having spent the day swimming in the ocean, eating fresh seafood and dipping in and out of the pool, we visited one of the three Red Lane Spa locations for a massage.

Barefoot Cay, Sandals Royal Bahamian’s private island.

The walk to the spa took us through a secluded walkway, to the Zen Garden- a hidden oasis of sorts, where we came across a myriad of rustic huts just off the shoreline. The experience was further enhanced by the sound of crashing waves, making for the perfect spot for couples to relax and unwind, or in my case drift off.

A Zen Garden massage on Barefoot Cay

Honeymoon extras

If visiting a Sandals resort within thirty days of a wedding date, honeymooners can expect a bubbly welcome, which includes a bottle of sparkling wine in the room upon arrival, a special turndown service on the first evening at the resort and fresh flowers along with a decadent breakfast in bed. Additional extras include a candlelight dinner on the beach. Sandals are notorious for the excellent service they provide to their customers, and after speaking to many of their returning guests, their genuine care is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Visiting the Exuma Islands

The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands, each of which have their own story to discover. During our trip, we were fortunate enough to experience the Exuma islands, which gave us some welcomed tranquillity and allowed for a brief switch-off.

Where to stay on the Exuma Islands

Sandals Emerald Bay provided just that, it was almost as if we existed in a vacuum while we visited. Days stood still as we spent time by the ocean, visiting the surrounding islands and soaking up the sun.

The main pool area at Sandal’s Emerald Bay.

Excursions on the Exuma Islands

A must for honeymooners visiting the Exuma Islands is a boat trip with private charter company Exuma Water Sports. Who, not only had endless servings of chilled mojitos, provided a wealth of knowledge during our excursion.

We stopped our boat next to a sandbar, an enormous stretch of pure white sand that appears at low tide, seemingly in the middle of the ocean. We were taken to a natural lazy river and given a floating noodle… my inner child screamed as we jumped into the ocean and lay back as we were guided by the current, racing to see who was fastest.

Sandbar on the Exuma Islands. Picture: JR Delia

Finally, we stopped off at Chat n Chill, a billionaire and celebrity hotspot located on an offshore island. This was definitely the place to be…inside t-shirts hung from the ceiling and decorated the walls- upon closer inspection they had been signed by their owners, who wanted to leave a slice of themselves behind in paradise.

Inside Chat n’ Chill

The Verdict

A honeymoon in the Bahamas would be nothing short of magical. Incomprehensible beauty was the reoccurring theme throughout my time spent there; the unfathomable kind that you can only imagine when looking at photos. When I thought my expectations couldn’t be further exceeded, I was wrong, every time. Not exclusively in the realm of aesthetics, also with the charm of the Bahamian people, the dedication of care from Sandals Royal Bahamian, and with the huge variety of pleasures the islands had to offer. To find out more, visit The Islands of the Bahamas website here.

Getting there:

  • British Airways fly direct to Nassau, The Bahamas from London Heathrow seven days per week, from £711 per person.
  • Virgin Atlantic fly directly to Nassau, The Bahamas from London Heathrow two days per week (increasing to three days from 31 October 2023), from £755 per person.
  • Internal Nassau – Exuma International Airport (return -Flights available 7-days per week, from approx. £191 per person with BahamasAir Flights available 7-days per week, from approx. £179 per person with Western Air.

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