A resurfacing of this pretty pink blushed metal has seen bridal jewellery and wedding ring collections turn to Rose Gold for its dusky romantic edge. Reminiscent of all things vintage, the Vivara Collection by The Diamond Store, London leads by example of our awakened love for the coppery tones of Rose Gold. Plus we were able to catch up with the founder of the The Diamond Store Gary Ingram to talk trends for bridal jewellery and personal picks from the BRAND NEW Vivara collection for the most elegant bridal look!

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We love your new Vivara collection! What inspired you to create a rose gold range?

When the trend surfaced in watches recently, we saw it and it reawakened our love for this gorgeous metal. The way it contrasts with the white sparkle of diamonds is stunning. Rose gold also evokes vintage luxury and romance in a beautiful way.

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We can’t get enough of rose gold at Wedding Ideas! Have you seen a big trend in the demand for this gorgeous metal, particularly for brides on their big day?

While rose gold bridal jewellery is still a growing trend right now, we’ve seen a noticeable demand for rose gold wedding rings and eternity rings. It’s such a romantic metal because it has this subtle pink glow. Many brides see it as the perfect precious metal for their engagement ring or wedding band because of the colour associations.

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If at all possible (as we love them all), are you able to tell us your three favourite Vivara items, and why?

Our first pick would have to be the arrow bangle. This is one of the corner stones of the collection. It symbolises Cupid’s arrow – love. It’s a beautiful piece, subtle yet glamorous.

Next, we love the wishbone ring. This would also make a stunning wedding band because of the V-shaped top face of the ring. It allows your engagement ring’s stone to nestle in perfectly.

We also love the statement necklace with the oval-shaped motifs. It’s simple, elegant. This is a stunning item you can wear with a strapless wedding dress or a crisp white shirt in a board meeting – it will look good every time and you can dress it up or down. As bridal jewellery it’s an ideal investment piece because it’s very special, yet you’ll get so much more wear out of it after your wedding.

Are we allowed to pick one more? Since we’re talking bridal jewellery, we also love the rose gold halo ring in our Martini engagement ring range. It’s a classic design, skill-fully handcrafted to last. It looks and feels really substantial and has incredible sparkle.

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vivara rose gold model
Can we expect to see anything new to add to the collection?

We will definitely be adding more rose gold engagement rings. We also want to add a few ‘jewellery essentials’ in rose gold: diamond stud earrings, classic diamond pendants.

What is going to be big in terms of bridal jewellery for next season?

The biggest bridal jewellery trend we see is still the classic bridal look. Timeless diamond bracelets, heart pendants, delicate drop earrings. These are the sort of beautiful pieces you’ll be proud to wear on the day of your wedding. Because they’re so elegant, you can wear them during a lifetime, on many different occasions – and they’ll always remind you of your wedding day.

Apart from this, vintage and luxury looks are going to carry on being huge, and we think rose gold is going to feature top of the list. Art Deco inspired jewellery pieces with abundant diamonds set into geometric designs are very opulent, yet very ‘now’. And what used to be a whimsical boho style is developing into a more chic, countrified look with pretty floral motifs and delicate pastel coloured gems.

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How do you help guide your customers when choosing the best jewellery for their big day?
We have a very experienced Customer Services team. In particular one member of staff who is getting married this summer and is going through the process herself. So she really understands what brides are looking for. She is in a unique position to advise on specialist topics, like what pieces go with what type of dress neckline – or how to choose a perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring.

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