I am delighted to introduce the very lovely Jessica Brown, who is the Showbiz Editor at the Daily Star, one of the top-selling newspapers in the UK. She got engaged the day before New Year’s Eve in 2011 to her boyfriend of two years, James. She has been interviewing celebrities and attending showbiz and fashion events for over ten years.

We will be following Jessica’s story in the lead-up to her big day, starting with the awkward topsy-turvy proposal…

Over to Jessica…

jessicaWhen my boyfriend Jimmy proposed, I suddenly realised I was very under prepared.

Within hours of him popping the life-changing question we already had family, friends, work colleagues and random shop assistants asking a flurry of questions that I’d never taken the time out to think about. Where will the wedding be? Will you get married in a church? What style of wedding do you want? What will your dress be like? And so on. I felt a bit stupid because my only answer was: “Ummm, I, umm… I don’t know.”

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Unlike some of my friends I have never really thought about or planned my ‘big day’.
I have no idea what wedding dress will suit me, or even what style I like or what my table decorations will symbolise (someone actually asked me that).

Or to be fair, as it turns out, anything remotely useful. One thing I do know is that I would like the day to be a celebration of love, not just Jimmy’s and mine, but all the people I’ve collected along the way for the last 32 years.

I have a wonderful family and great friends and can’t wait to see them all sitting side by side, hopefully getting a little drunk and having lots of fun.

Of course everyone always wants to know about how the man pops the question. So here we go…

I could lie and pretend the proposal was completely unexpected. But the truth is I’d been gently (ahem) pestering my boyfriend for a few months.

As each one of my friends got engaged, got married and fell pregnant my enthusiasm for being overjoyed for them was starting to wane.

I began to drop a few leading questions to my boyfriend like, “What would be your perfect age to get married?” and “We’ve been dating nearly two years, do you think we’ll get engaged any time soon?” etc.

As it turns out men don’t take these little hints very seriously.

Quite the most embarrassing moment in our relationship to date… It was just a normal Saturday night, I was curled up on the sofa watching Take Me Out on telly. While flicking through Facebook on my Blackberry I noticed one of Jimmy’s best friend’s had proposed to his girlfriend during a romantic dinner in London. Approximately thirty minutes later she was happily telling her friends, including me, about the moment on Facebook.

I digested the information, told Jimmy the happy news and then burst out crying. Literally burst out crying on the spot. Jim looked at me all confused and said: “Wow, I didn’t realise you were such good friends, that’s so sweet of you.”

Mid sob, (I was hungover so maybe some of my emotional patheticness was because of that, poor excuse I know!) I had to admit: “I’m not crying through happiness, I’m feeling sorry for myself because I wish I could get married too.”


However, somehow it worked, Jim thought it was really cute (???) and from that moment on we talked about getting engaged.

I’ve recited that story to one of my girlfriends and they think I’m as ridiculous as you now probably do too.

But for some reason, I actually smile when I remember that silly moment.

Fast forward six months and I here I am writing about my engagement and forthcoming wedding planning.