Do you want a little bit more romance in your life? Then you need the world’s first luxury romance-planning agency, The One Romance

The One Romance specialises in planning luxury romantic experiences from first dates and wedding anniversaries, to wedding proposals. Set up by two sisters who were adamant there should be more ‘romance’ in everyday life, this new company describes itself as “your personal romance concierge” and guarantees to leave you speechless!


Every romantic experience that they arrange is completely unique and tailored to the couple, and Amanda and Tiffany will never, ever arrange the same event twice. This means clients will never hear friends say ‘Oh yes, I’ve done that too’. From extravagant flash mobs and private islands and helicopters to personalised romantic picnics, to proposals on stage at a ballet, The One Romance are determined to put a little romance back into everyone’s lives.


Recent romantic experiences have included…

  • The world’s most expensive first date where the guy spent between £10-20K impressing the girl of his dreams. This included hiring a private island, a speedboat, a Bentley, burlesque dancers and a very special, romantic surprise.
  • A marriage proposal in Sydney, Australia, where The One girls had to fly half way across the world and conquer their fear of heights to set up the perfect proposal.
  • Helping one man ask his in-laws if he could marry their daughter by using romantic signs set up on a woodland walk for her parents to stumble across.
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OK, so tell us more…

Why do you need romance planners?

The company was set up after sisters, Amanda and Tiffany, witnessed a terrible example of romance when a friend presented his wife with a lawnmower as their first wedding anniversary present. This was when the sisters realised that some people needed a helping hand when it comes to romance.

How it works

To arrange a romantic experience, Amanda and Tiffany will meet with clients to find out as much as they can about the couple. They then create two personalised ideas for you to choose from. They will then arrange the whole experience for you.

Why use the word ‘experience’?

The One Romance believe that an experience is more than an event. An experience appeals to all of your senses and is something you will remember forever, and at the time, leave you speechless!

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