‘Smile’, says the photographer. But you can’t. You’re in a cramped, dark room with no natural light and the children are screaming! With Weddings By Michael’s guide to choosing a wedding venue with your photography in mind we’ll make sure this isn’t the scene on your big day!


The venue size and layout

The first thing to consider is the size of your venue, and whether it is large enough to host larger group photographs. Also, it’s worth scouting the layout venue and how it can be used to create the range of natural and posed shots that you demand for your wedding day.

Backgrounds and the natural landscape

It’s important to choose a wedding venue that provides a picturesque and grand setting for your photos. Look at the natural landscape of a potential location, and determine whether it offers the setting that your wedding deserves.

interior-wedding-venueIs there a natural gathering place?

One of the single biggest obstacles to efficiently taking photographs is communicating with guests and arranging the shot in a timely fashion. Assess your potential venue and whether it provides a natural gathering place, where guests can come together and receive instructions for their photographs.

Does the venue boast good natural light

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Given that the majority of your photographs will be taken outdoors during the daytime, natural lighting is of pivotal importance. Visit your wedding venue at the relevant time and season and see whether it captures the right level of natural light to bring your images to life.

Points of interest and features

The inside of a wedding venue is just as important as the outside, so be sure to check your venue for interesting and visually alluring features. If you are keen on a specific type of architecture, then be sure to consider this prior to choosing your wedding and reception location.

Did you consider your wedding photographs when choosing your wedding venue? Did you have problems? Tell us all about it.