Summer is finally on the horizon and, at Jasmine, the outlook is peachy and coral with just a hint of pastel! It’s time to sparkle and shine, whatever the British summertime brings but what shades are hot right now? Here are the best colours for summer bridesmaid dresses in 2014…


Jasmine is certainly looking forward to a bright summer and has introduced beautiful summertime themes into their stunning bridesmaid collections. There is so much you can do with a summer wedding to express your personal style and to celebrate summer as only the British can in our appreciation of this wonderful, short lived, time of the year.

The first thing you will probably consider is the colour theme of your wedding and there are a few key colour trends for the summer you may want to consider for your wedding party. Pale pastels such as lilacs, ivories, blush pinks and whites are a lovely sophisticated choice in the summer, creating a cool and airy feel. Your bridesmaids will really appreciate the light tones if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception to enjoy the summer sun at its fullest.



With the array of vibrant blooms available for summer flowers you can create a stunning colour palette by contrasting bridesmaid outfits in sizzling tropical colours. Think coral, fuchsia, lime and turquoise creating a lively fun theme as well as being a great backdrop for your bouquets.




The many colours of the sea are also a great inspiration for your summer wedding, whether you’re planning a beach wedding or not. And the tones can be mixed together in the same way as the sea for an eye-catching display of sea glass, teal and aqua.




With your colours chosen, you can now narrow down what type of dresses to put your loved ones in. While the summer weather isn’t always consistent, even if the sun isn’t out and blazing, choosing a gown in a lightweight and flowing material will both be appreciated by your maids and look appropriate for a summer wedding. Look for dresses in sheer chiffon and gauzy georgette, maybe accented with a delicate lace for an elegant summer look.

Bridesmaid dress trends are changing and there are cuts to suit just about every taste; flowing strapless floor-length gowns, belted blousons, short summery halternecks – the list is endless! So you can spoil your maids with a stunning formal gown they wouldn’t normally get a chance to wear or make it versatile with an on-trend rewearable design.



Do, of course, consider your theme and location when choosing your bridesmaid dresses; be wary of a short floaty empire waist on a windy beach, or a long flowing skirt in a garden which might catch on plants or trip them up when walking on uneven ground.

Bridesmaid dresses are generally about three months delivery plus alteration time, but Jasmine offers rush services to help our brides get their dresses on time, so summer 2014 brides you will want to start making those choices pretty soon!



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