The Bridal Blow-Dry at Home – Carl Bembridge


A great blow-dry is one of the quickest ways to transform your look and make you feel a million dollars – and this is especially important on your wedding day, when you want to look and feel your most beautiful. Just think how fabulous you feel when you leave the salon with a fresh, bouncy blow-dry!




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A great blow-dry should make hair look soft and glossy, with plenty of movement; think along the lines of the Duchess of Cambridge or Blake Lively, who always have that beautiful, naturally springy finish to their locks. It’s just a timeless look that never fails; it’s the epitome of glamour and so perfect for your wedding day.


It looks beautiful worn simple and alone, or paired with a glitzy accessory, an elegant veil or a bohemian flower crown – just so versatile! You might think it’s impossible to recreate that salon-fresh style yourself, but with my tips and tricks, you can get the red-carpet blow-dry at home and get yourself looking in perfect style for the aisle!



Prep is key, as are quality tools

Make sure you have a great round bristle brush to create that must-have wave – hairdryer is really a must however you’re styling your hair. Prep towel-dried hair with a quality heat protection spray such as Label M’s sleek blow out cream to smooth and maintain condition.


Rough dry the hair all over to start, until it’s about 80% dry – tipping your head forward will encourage volume, as you’re working the hair against its natural growth pattern. Focus air at the roots and blow-dry upwards for that extra lift. Make sure your dryer isn’t set to a high heat setting, as this will create frizz – a medium setting will be fine, and ensure you’re holding the dryer about six to eight inches away from the hair. The air stream should feel comfortable on the back of your hand, otherwise it’s too hot and therefore damaging your hair!

Then use clips to section out the hair in horizontal sections, not too thick and not wider than the brush you’re using. Tension is the key here for a really smooth finish. Start with the bottom layer of your hair; wrap your hair around the brush once, stopping just before the roots. Blast the roots dry and then dry the rolled-up hair, by pulling the brush through the hair in an upwards motion, which will create volume and those lovely bouncy ends! Direct the nozzle of the dryer downwards, an essential for that glossy look we’re aiming for.

Work your way around the head in tiers – so sections of the bottom, then go to the next tier and dry in sections there, working your way up to the crown. The crown and the front section are the most important part – this is what people will notice, so you want it to have the most volume. Keep following the same process, wrapping sections around the brush and pulling gently through, but be sure to lift each section as much as possible for ultimate volume.

One the hair is totally dry, gently roll each of the top sections back up in the brush (you don’t want to pull too much and lose the curl at the ends!) and blast with cool air for a really shiny finish. The cold setting will give your hair back some elasticity and ensure your style holds for longer – perfect for any special parties or big nights out!

Now you can finish your bridal style with your accessory of choice – a great tip is to spritz grips, slides or combs with hairspray so they hold better in your hair and stay in all day.