You’ve chosen a theme, colour scheme and flowers, but are you forgetting your wedding reception table essentials?

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirl of wedmin and overlook important details. Here, we share a reception table checklist for you to use as a guide during planning and print out for your maid of honour to use on the big day. Why not ask her to double check nothing has been forgotten on your wedding morning? She will love to help and you will love the peace of mind it gives you, so you can focus on enjoying the biggest day of your life yet!


You've chosen a theme, flowers and colour scheme, but are you forgetting the reception table essentials? Include these 9 things for a perfect reception


1. Table linen

Whether you spread a traditional table cloth (ensure any fold marks have been ironed out!) over circular tables or extend a runner down the length of trestle tables, every table will look prettier as a result. You can choose from dreamy dyed silk runners, bohemian foliage runners or even lengths of lace and hessian to add your own themed twist.

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2. Centrepieces

These should be the focal point of your reception table styling, whether you choose huge urns of cascading flowers, romantic candelabra or upcycled gin bottles bursting with blooms. They can but don’t have to all match, and your top table could be different again.

Budgeting Tip: Mix and match your table centres, so half feature tall floral arrangements and half have smaller scale vases to reduce the overall cost without losing impact.


3. Candles

The staple of so many celebrations, there’s nothing like softly flickering candlelight to lend romance to your day. Double check whether your venue permits the real deal but don’t panic if they don’t – there are excellent battery-powered options on the market too. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either. Taper and pillar candles will always look classic, but tea lights in mercury glass vases or suspended in transparent baubles are also magical.


4. Table numbers

The trick is to make these stylish as well as practical. Why not colour coordinate them with your colour scheme? Or, you could even incorporate them into your flower arrangements, using a hessian wine bottle table number filled with fresh blooms.


5. Place cards

Once your guests have checked out the seating plan and wandered over to the right table, they still need to know where to sit. Planning a rustic or vintage wedding? Then you’ll LOVE these miniature chalkboard place name signs.


6. Glassware

And, of course, once each guest finds their seat, they need to be able to eat, drink and be merry with you. Most venues will set the table up beforehand with all the glasses you’ll need.

Make a note to ask to see the glassware selection when you next meet with your venue coordinator – they might have a range to choose from. If you’re after a specific look (think gold-rimmed goblets matched to charger plates), they might be able to recommend a company from which to hire them.


7. Serviettes

It’s easy to be absorbed by the tiny details of weddings, especially when it comes to styling your reception table and theme, and while we don’t recommend that you obsess over every last element, sometimes the small things – like serviettes – do count.

Budgeting Tip: Whether you want serviette linens coordinated to your colour scheme or tied in twine with a sprig of lavender or rosemary tucked in, these tiny touches can make a big impact when repeated across an entire room.


8. Advice cards and table trivia

Invite guests to play these games or fill in words of wit and wisdom on cards between courses. Table trivia also makes a great conversation point to get your guests socialising (letting you off the hook from hosting the whole time!), especially if you’ve had to seat people who don’t yet know each other together.


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Would you add anything to this reception table checklist?