Choosing the right reception decorations will give you peace of mind, enabling you to get on with having a good mingle, rather than worrying if you should have used chair covers, or if the favours are the wrong colour…
10 tips for your reception decorations!

  1. Martini glasses are all the rage for table decor. Rather than put a giant arrangement on top of the Martini glass, why not experiment by adding crystals and voile to create a very dramatic look instead? A simple finishing touch, like a rose on top of giant crystals, is just as effective as having a big arrangement.
  2. If you’d like your guests to be greeted with a dramatic entrance then giant topiaries are for you! Place them either side of the top table for a budget-saving idea at the reception. You can be even more dramatic by having a series of the topiaries lining the aisle!
  3. Open-heart arrangements can be placed on the front door of your venue or hung on the front of the top table. To be even more unique, add small crystals within each flower for extra glamour.
  4. Backdrops are effective and a great way to cover a bare area in your venue. Ask your supplier whether they can add coloured LED lights that tie in with your scheme.
  5. Chair covers can transform your venue and pull your whole look together quickly, effectively and – most importantly – without blowing your budget.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use different textures. Satin silk sashes can be used to give a more luxurious feel to the entire venue, as opposed to organza.
  7. If you have a specific theme for your day, stick to it. Mixing and matching various themes will give a disjointed feel to your day. Overusing one colour can also detract from the beautiful decorations within your venue.
  8. Dramatic lighting – lanterns, candelabras in the garden and so on – will definitely add the wow factor to your venue.
  9. For your table linen, why not add rose petals that match your colour scheme? Consider crystals and smelling salts too.
  10. Bold colours combined with soft drapery create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. Voile can be used to create an altar at a civil venue. With fuchsia and orange chair cover sashes in the background, you have a subtle yet colourful decorated area.

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What reception decorations will you choose?

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