This stunning real wedding in Lancashire was completed with bespoke pale yellow bridesmaid dresses… Reina and Andrew got married in May 2011. Read on to find out all about it!


WHO: Reina and Andrew

WHERE: Hoghton Tower, Nr. Preston – Lancashire

WHEN: May 2011




The proposal

“In January 2010, Andrew took me to London for my birthday,” remembers Reina. “We went for lunch at Harrods, then on to the theatre to watch Les Misérables. At the restaurant later on in the evening, the waiter came over with a huge cake. My initial thought was that I’m a little bit too old for birthday cakes now. I couldn’t believe it when I read the icing, it said ‘Reina will you marry me?’ Attached to the cake was a beautiful ring,” she adds

The bride’s outfit

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“It was fate that led me to my dress,” smiles Reina. “I started trying on dresses right away, and found a huge meringue-style gown that I thought I loved. I was still carrying a lot of baby weight from having our twins, so I thought that was most appropriate. However, I kept forgetting to put a deposit down. Months passed, and I still hadn’t secured my dress, but I did lose a lot of weight. I then decided that I could rock a tight-fitting dress, so I did!” adds Reina. We think she looks super-sexy in her gorgeous One and Only gown

The groom’s outfit

Andrew and his best boys hired their pale-grey suits from Moss Bros. “Andrew looked so handsome, I got butterflies walking down the aisle to him, just like I used to when we were 16 and first getting together,” recalls Reina

“When I put on my wedding dress I felt sexy again. I knew I wouldn’t feel Mumsy”

The bridesmaids

“I had eight bridesmaids!” says Reina. “I also had two flowergirls, my beautiful twin daughter Darcy and my gorgeous niece Kasey. We also had my very handsome twin son Kian as our pageboy,” beams Reina. The older girls’ pale yellow dresses were made bespoke by based on Reina’s designs

The ceremony

The couple’s real wedding ceremony was full of personal surprises for their family, including a rendition of The Wedding Song by Julie Rogers, especially for Andrew’s Mum

The flowers

“Our florist had such a great idea,” remembers Reina. “Because we had eight bridesmaids, she made them larger bouquets, which then doubled up as table centres during the real wedding breakfast,” she adds

“When I was walking down the aisle, I had butterflies. It was like I was 16 again!”

The reception

To cater their real wedding breakfast, Reina and Andrew chose Pickled Walnut . “Being half Greek, it was important for me to have this represented within our menu, so our main course included a trio of lamb with lamb kleftiko for everyone,” explains Reina. “Also, being in the hospitality industry, I have seen many different singers, and my absolute favourite is a young opera singer called Victor Michael. Andrew’s wedding gift to me was to have him perform after our meal,” she adds. Tables looked positively spring like with the yellow chair bows

The honeymoon

“Our honeymoon was simply perfect,” Reina adds. “It was our first real time alone together since the babies were born, and we went to Poros in Greece.”