A classy real wedding abroad with ballet shoes and a Swan Lake gown, teamed with soft, shimmering gold…


WHERE: The Westin Palace, Madrid, Spain

WHEN: February 2010

PHOTOGRAPHER: Adrian Tomadin Photography










The first meeting

“The first time we met, I never thought we would get married,” laughs Mirian. “But something told me I should give him a chance…”

The first date

“Alex asked me if I wanted to go for dinner and then took me to a pub for chicken nuggets in a basket!” says Mirian.

The proposal

“Alex proposed in the magical city of Tallin in Estonia,” remembers Mirian. “I had been asking for a while when was he going to propose and had given up hope, so I was very surprised!”

“Alex took me ‘out for dinner’ – I ate chicken nuggets in a basket! But something told me to give him a chance…”


The bride’s outfit for her real wedding abroad

“My dress was a true princess dress with layers and layers of tulle and diamanté detail – I couldn’t stop smiling and jumping around the Berketex Bride shop! It was such a fun dress!” says Mirian of the gown she chose for her real wedding.

The groom’s outfit

“Alex hired his classic morning suit with a dark gold satin waistcoat from a shop in Madrid called Guzman,” explains Mirian. “I went with him to the shop – just in case he chose something outrageous!”


The bridesmaids

“My maids wore floor-length, gold, satin dresses from Bhs, and we added a vintage gold shrug from Topshop to complete their real wedding look,” explains Mirian.

The ceremony

“I grew up with my cousin so he gave me away,” says Mirian. “We based our vows around a wedding poem called I Promise by Dorothy R. Colgan, and said them in both Spanish and English”

The reception

“We chose the iconic Westin Palace in Madrid for our real wedding – we knew getting married there would be amazing!” says Mirian.


The favours

“For a flavour of both our countries, we gave our British guests a little glass bottle with saffron and a recipe for paella, and our Spanish guests mini teapots and mini bottle of Pimm’s!” explains Mirian.

The first dance

“We chose At Last by Etta James,” says Mirian. “Not only is it a beautiful song but the words really reflected how we were both feeling on the day,” she adds.

The honeymoon

“Thanks to our guests’ very generous wedding ‘gifts’ towards our honeymoon, we had an amazing newlywed holiday in Florence,” says Mirian.



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