When it came to their wedding gift list, Hannah and Matt decided to do something different. Instead of presents, they asked friends and family to donate to Cancer Research UK’s vital research through their Give in Celebration program and help beat cancer sooner…

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“We’d seen an advertisement for Give in Celebration and thought it was such a lovely idea,” Hannah explains. “We’d already decided that we didn’t want our guests to buy us gifts but had been told by many of them they wanted to give us something anyway.”

With more couples already living together before getting married, Give in Celebration is the perfect replacement for a list that might include unnecessary household items. As Matt lost his mother to cancer at the age of 18, it was important to the couple to pay tribute to her on their big day. “It seemed like the perfect solution, especially as it is a charity close to both our hearts, having both lost close family to cancer,” he adds.

Creating a gift list page through Give in Celebration is quick and simple to do and can be personalised with a selection of images and themes to fit with any wedding. “The fundraising page couldn’t have been easier to set up,” says Hannah.

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“It took a couple of minutes and we thought it was nice that you get to choose if you want the amount people donate to be private or not.” Couples can also choose to include a message for their guests to make the page even more personal, and explain the story behind their Give in Celebration gift list.


And the response? “Our guests were more than happy to donate money to charity in place of a gift,” says Hannah. “The charity is very close to so many of their hearts, too, which made it even more personal and special for our big day.”

Give in Celebration allows guests to donate any amount of their choosing, so it is suitable for all budgets. “We were completely overwhelmed by how generous people were,” Hannah continues. “We’re so pleased we did it and hopefully it will help in a small way.”

There’s no doubt that setting up a Give in Celebration page is one way to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, long after the wedding butterflies have flown. Why not sign up today? Or to see more gift list ideas, click here!