We’ve been looking back at our favourite real wedding proposal stories, and there are some real crackers! Here are some of our favourites.


A brilliant joint effort

David got his baby daughter in on the proposal, much to Olivia’s surprise. “While I was getting ready in the bathroom, David changed our little girl into a babygro that had the words: ‘Will you marry my Daddy?’ on the front. When I came out the bathroom, she was lying on the bed and David was down on one knee!”

Something fishy’s going on…

Groom Deon decided putting the ring in a box was a little too obvious “Deon proposed while we were away on a camping trip,” remembers Hayley. “He told me he was going off to do some fishing, and a little while later he returned and asked me to come see what he’d caught. When I turned around he was down on one knee – with the ring tied to the end of his fishing rod!” she adds.

The Easter… Err… Wolf proposal!

Jon decided to dress up for his proposal to Nicola. “It was Easter Friday and Jon had pretended he was getting up early to watch the cricket,” remembers Nicola. “He busied himself wrapping gifts, and at 10am he burst into our bedroom with a basket full of gifts and daffodils – but the most bizarre thing was that he was dressed up in a wolf costume (he was meant to be the Easter Bunny – but apparently he didn’t like that costume!),” she laughs. “I started unwrapping my gifts and I opened an Easter Egg and in iced letters were the words; ‘will you marry me?’ at which point Jon popped down on one knee and presented me with a ring!”

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Love under water

Simon decided to pop the question while under the sea! “Simon proposed to me while we were on a diving holiday in Egypt,” remembers Nadine. “He made me wait all week, but on our last dive he produced a laminated sign that read; ‘will you marry me?’ I made the scuba okay signal, and we celebrated with a strawberry milkshake,” laughs Nadine.

A sparkling celebration

With help from his brother, Anthony  made his proposal one to remember. “Anthony proposed to me on New Year’s Eve 2007. Before heading in to town to celebrate, Anthony took me for a walk to our local park. There, he gave me a large box to open and inside was a pair of pink spotty wellies, which I was told to put on. I then continued to follow Anthony, further in to the park, when suddenly the whole place lit up with thousands of fairy lights, strung from the trees. At the foot of one of the largest trees was a mat, where Anthony went down on one knee. I cried instantly and said ‘yes’. I found out later that his brother Nick had been hiding in the bushes waiting for the perfect moment to turn on the lights!”

What do you think of these wedding proposal stories? Does your proposal top these?