Getting married abroad may not have been a decision you made quickly, after all, there’s something very comforting about staying with the familiar. Making plans to have a wedding further afield can bring up some concerns, so we’ve asked our readers to tell us about their experiences, when they got married abroad.

Relax beforehand

Kerry got married on the island of Kos, in Greece. “I spent the morning of my wedding in the sea with my bridesmaids,” says Kerry. “I’m useless at organising, so having a wedding planner to hand was perfect! Getting married abroad is cheaper and you also get great weather!”

What about the dress?

How do you make sure your wedding gown travels safely and looks wonderful once you get there?

One reader suggested the slightly expensive option of buying an extra seat on the plane for their dress. Another reader suggested buying it when you get to your destination, which is probably not a good idea if you’re going to a remote, tropical island!

This tip is great for brides who have set their heart on a full-skirted gown – “Buy a light dress but add a hoop if you want it bigger – it stops the fabric clinging to hot legs and the hoop fits in your luggage easily”.

Remember, your bridal shop would have helped hundreds of brides look good at their destination wedding. “Ask the bridal shop to pack the dress in your hand luggage case so you can have it with you at all times,” says one reader. “My dress was big but they packed it into the smallest case and it came out with few creases.”

Another, slighty braver bride commented – “I travelled abroad yesterday with my dress! I checked it in, with its own case. Once I told the check-in people what it was, they plastered the case with fragile labels and even popped a priority tag on. It got here in one piece, I’m one happy bride!”


Don’t be pressured

“When choosing your wedding venue, don’t be pressured into making a decision,” says groom Roberto. “It’s important that you make the right decision for you. Although wedding venues abroad do get booked up months in advance, you have more options – it is much more acceptable and cheaper to get married during the week.”

It’s not always sunshine and perfection

Unfortunately, things can go wrong at times. “We went all the way to Mauritius where you have to be staying four days before the wedding,” says Louise. “It was lovely when we arrived but poured down on our wedding day and we almost had to cancel. When we finally got married, we had no pictures, so we had to get dressed up again and pretend it was our wedding a few days later so we could get some photographs.”

You need to double check that all the dates work and that planners, venues and travel agents are all on the same page. “The travel company ensured us the date was fine but it wasn’t,” says Kayleigh. “We explained the situation to our wedding planner, who pulled out all the stops to bring the right people together to get it done. Slight panic…”

There’s always plenty of discussion going on at the Wedding Ideas Facebook page and the Wedding Ideas Forum, where you can chat online and discover some great ideas and tips from other brides-to-be!


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