Brides have you ever thought about how your Mum’s coping with all the wedding planning malarkly? No? well invite her to read this story (and obviously read it yourself!) for a little insight to what it’s really like to be a mother-of-the-bride…

“Well, it’s 10 days to the ‘small, simple wedding’ now. Who knew that it would turn into a vintage themed gathering for 90 plus guests?!


In the last month I have: been to 6 dress fittings, (bride, bridesmaids, me), made 50 metres of vintage bunting, constructed a padded vintage board for guest seating cards, purchased vintage holders for confetti, cards, small lavender plants and tea lights, plus made 90 luggage labels (yes, vintage again!) with flowery ribbon ties to go round the napkins showing the guests’ names. All in a day for the mother-of-a-bride.

Also; rehearsed with hair and make-up lady, attended the church, viewed hotel, (again), started work on my gardener’s nails, rehearsed son’s reading and – well you get the message. And don’t forget the flower lady, the cake lady and the vicar, choir and organist.

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It’s been great fun being mother-of-the-bride, but remember; sooner or later there will be the ‘row’ – we had ours and moved on. My daughter is usually very level headed, but has spent the summer going to all her friend’s weddings, hen parties, been bridesmaid twice and is now running on fumes. Consequently, temper and patience are running thin due to over commitment, which I did mention right at the very beginning of the planning…. Oh Mums: NEVER say ‘I told you so in this or situations like it!’

As for dresses, I had my mother-of-the-bride dress made for me. The lovely Alice from Wedding Ideas recommended Alexandra King, who turned my rough sketch into a fabulous silk dress and jacket with a tulle petticoat and hair decoration, in the style of Jackie Kennedy/Audrey Hepburn.

We were so impressed we asked her to make the bridesmaids dresses for four grownups and a twelve year old too. They’re ivory silk and chiffon, all slightly different, because one maid is 6 feet tall and one is 5 feet! I can’t recommend having your frock made enough, and Alexandra was tactful, fun, clever and a real designer. I chose her for all the above, and also because I wanted to be individual, have my own look and style and simply because no shop mother-of-the-bride frocks fit me!

So the top tip is to be as involved as your happy couple wishes you to be. Mine is strong on the DIY trend and wanted to do their own thing, but a lot of moral support and ideas have been discussed as neither bride nor groom had any real clue about ‘How to do a Wedding.’ Daughter just wanted everyone to ‘have a nice time’. Be as tactful as you can bear, even when you know it’ll never work, because eventually the light will dawn. In the end, it will all be fine. Do everything you’re asked, with a smile. Above all, remember it’s their wedding, their day, the beginning of their lifelong commitment and it needs to be happy and heartfelt.

How’s your big day planning going? Is the mother-of-the-bride helping?

Let us know! x