Of course the day of your dreams will be exactly that – whatever happens – but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some hiccups along the way.

You’ll be in a loved up bubble of bliss, so any unexpected changes or mishaps shouldn’t feel like the be all and end all or run any risk of ruining your dream wedding, but if you can avoid them, why not?

Here, we turn to seven of our real brides and grooms who, despite having the day of their dreams, do have one or two things they would change if they could go back and do it all again. Whether it’s one last rehearsal or getting your paperwork in order, these tips will help to ensure your day is as perfect as can be.

Seven real brides share the things they would change if they could do it all again to help you have the wedding of your dreams (and it to run smoothly!)

Laura & Adrian


“A lot of the things we tried to do ourselves quickly turned into chores because of the sheer amount. Looking back, we should have involved more people along the way to spread the load – it would definitely have saved us a lot of time and a few late nights! Pinterest was an invaluable tool to show suppliers exactly what I wanted. Make sure you write everything down after each meeting with a supplier, too, and do it right afterwards rather than leaving it so that you won’t forget any important dates, payments or paperwork.”

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Jenny & Rory

 ISSUE 159

“Get the day filmed – even just by family and friends. All of the snippets of the day taken on guests’ phones mean the world to us and i wish we had a bit more footage to look back on!”


Katy & Johnny


“We were on a bit of a merry-go-round chatting to all our guests but never got more than 2-3 minutes with them before having to move on to the others, so I never got round to using some of the things we’d laid on for guests like the photo booth and selfie stick. It’s only a little thing, but I wish I’d found the time to take some more silly pictures with my bridesmaids and friends.”


Natalie & Keith


“Not eat so much breakfast!! I was so full that I could hardly eat the wedding breakfast!”


Gemma & Phil 


“We would probably have a couple less drinks and in doing so be able to stand back so we could take it in a bit more. We were having such a wonderful time that the day and evening just flew by.”


Melissa & Mat


“If we could do it all again we would have extended the wedding to a couple of days, one day wasn’t enough with all of our loved ones!”


Rebecca & Jacques 


“I wish we practised our first dance – we sort of winged it and it was slightly embarrassing!”


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