As today is one our favourite days of the year, we asked our loyal crowd of Facebook friends ‘what was the most romantic and memorable part of your big day?’ – and some of their answers may surprise you.

Did you know he was ‘the one’ the moment you met him? Or were things between you rather more of a slow burn? Anyway, the fact that you’re reading this means that things have obviously progressed very nicely indeed and you’re looking forward to formalising the love between you – and that makes us smile!

Your wedding day is being planned and, of course, you’re looking forward to a memorable occasion surrounded by people who mean a lot to you.

However, we wonder what will end up being the most romantic part of your day? It may surprise you. You may have arranged for rose petals to be sprinkled down the aisle, to make the moment memorable, but that may not be the part that sticks in your mind the most.

A sight for loving eyes

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In fact, it’s when you first catch sight of one another that the emotion of the day really starts to kick in…


“Seeing him standing at the front with tears of happiness in his eyes was one of the most special moments for me,” says real-bride Lisa. “When my husband first looked at me, he said ‘I love your dress’, which made my heart melt,” says another real bride, Claire.

“Walking down the aisle and seeing my groom looking at me for the first time was so magical,” says Katie – something that real bride Fiona echoes: “When I was walking down the aisle  and we saw each other for the first time that day. His smile made me cry!”

Magical musical moments

Music plays an emotional part in the ceremony, too, and it sounds like these songs will always have a special place in your heart…

Walking into our wedding chapel to The Twelfth of Never by Donny Osmond was really emotional. The tears flowed and we were even married on 12th December 2012,” says real bride Helen.

“My hubby arranged for the DJ to play my favourite Westlife song Flying Without Wings as our last dance,” says Sarah.

“My favourite part was when my husband got up with the band at our wedding to sing Heaven by Bryan Adams to me,” says Gemma.

Loving vows

One of the most emotional moments of the whole day, though, is when you exchange your vows…

“Saying our personally written vows was such a special moment,”  remembers real bride Naomi.

Newlywed Hannah Marie agrees: “It was very emotional when my husband said his vows. He had to take quite a few breaths. It was the same with his speech. Very emotional and two moments I will never forget.”

Unforgettable moments

You could be surprised at what makes you catch your breath on your big day. It may not always be what you expect…

“The only time I cried all day was at the sparkler send-off at the end of the night!” adds Jessie.

Are you celebrating your engagement today? Start planning your memorable moments with us!