As we get into the full swing of the spring time it is a time for growth, new beginnings and rejuvenation! The final thawing of winter is upon us, harsh weather conditions have calmed and so has our heating from being on full blast! The first thing you will most likely notice is your skin losing its natural glow from persistent dry heat and cold weather which by now will be crying out for rehydration and repair. If you are looking for something to inject a bit of life back into your skin in preparation for your big day without breaking the bank, BLOOM Tea – Absolute Matcha powder will nurture by nature your skin back to your own natural radiance!

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Unless you have the deep pockets of a celebrity, you have no doubt tried every moisturiser and facial sent your way; yet still you are in despair on how to create skin deep beauty in preparation for the big day. After all, topical creams alone are unable to repair and strengthen the cells beneath the surface to help with overall longevity and wellbeing.

Well the good news is BLOOM Tea has just introduced their bright green 100% natural ABSOLUTE MATCHA (green tea powder), which can help rejuvenate your skin deep beneath the surface to give you that summer glow all year round. Jam packed with powerful antioxidants that target and neutralise the destructive free radicals, these potent antioxidants are vital to slowing down the rate of oxidative stress, thus creating a strong and healthy surface. Simply add half a teaspoon of matcha daily into your juice or water and shake-and-go for the ultimate glow!

What is this bright green matcha tea powder we hear you say?

Let us tell you four facts you did not know about this amazing SUPERFOOD and a must have for every beauty cabinet…

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1. Promotes younger looking skin!Matcha unleashes a huge amount of antioxidants per serving, which can help reduce tissue damage caused by UV radiation and pollution giving you a natural ‘anti-aging’ regime. Alongside this, matcha has true bioavailability, which means the body absorbs the antioxidants too.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety – Do you notice that the minute you are stressed, your skin can erupt? Despite matcha containing caffeine, it’s regulated by L-Theanine (amino acid), which doesn’t stimulate cortisol (stress hormone) like coffee can. Instead, it promotes relaxation without the drowsiness caused by other calming products. Even so, monks use matcha before meditation. Therefore, a calm mind equals calm skin.

3. Potent detoxing to help flush out the toxins – Have you heard people preach that every time they go on a detox their skin glows? Matcha contains fibre and is incredibly rich in chlorophyll, which fortifies the immune system and also removes heavy elements and harmful chemicals from our bodies for the ultimate flush.

4. Strengthens the immune system – A single 1g serving (or half a teaspoon) of matcha contains more antioxidants than goji berries, dark chocolate, pecans, walnuts, pomegranate, wild blueberries, acai berries, broccoli and spinach combined. As a result, a strong immune system keeps the body fully pumped and functioning for a fresh and healthy glow.

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