Can’t decide on the perfect wedding reception theme for your big day? Take our quiz and find out which theme most suits you!

 Your dream wedding dress is…

A. Lacy with pearl embellishments
B. Sparkly, maybe in a soft pink shade
C. Short and sweet
D. I want to make my own unique dress

 Your favourite colour is…

A. I don’t really have one, but I like neutral shades
B. Pink, obviously!
C. Anything bright
D. I like patterns more than colours

 Your wedding reception venue is…

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A. A country house
B. A castle
C. A fairground
D. A marquee

Your favourite romantic film has to be…

A. The Notebook
B. Disney’s Cinderella
C. 500 Days of Summer
D. Love Actually

 What would the perfect day with your h2b involve?

A. Going to a museum or taking walks in the countryside
B. Taking a trip on a gondola before a romantic dinner
C. Going to a rock festival
D. Something hands on, learning a new skill together

 What would you want your guests to remember most from your day?

A. The moment we said ‘I do’
B. How amazing I looked
C. The entertainment
D. All the little details we made together

 What hair accessories do you like most?

A. Pearly combs
B. Sparkly silver tiaras
C. Big headpieces like feather fascinators
D. Hair flowers

What do you think about big wedding budgets?

A. I know why people do it, but I won’t overstretch myself
B. A must! I will spend every penny we have for our perfect day
C. A complete waste of money!
D. You don’t need a big budget if you’re willing to make things yourself

For food, you’re serving…

A. High tea
B. Canapes followed by a three-course meal
C. A cuisine inspired by our latest travels
D. Hog roast

Guests will love your…

A. Fab photobooth
B. Fireworks display
C. Secret performers
D. Garden games

Mostly As – Vintage

You’re a girl who loves timeless elegance, so a vintage-themed wedding would be perfect for you. You could go for a traditional look with lace details, pearl embellishments and shades of dusty rose pink, or an Art Deco theme in shades of gold and silver – just accessorize with vintage glass and sepia photographs!

Mostly Bs – Fairytale

You’re a romantic girly girl at heart, and you want to feel like a princess on your big day. Create an amazing fairytale wedding theme by choosing a regal country house or castle venue with chandeliers – that’s half the work done for you! Dress your tables with tall centrepieces of white or pink roses, candelabra and plenty of table crystals!

Mostly Cs – Statement

You’re a quirky girl who dares to be different – you definitely don’t want to have a cookie cutter wedding reception! Ignore twee details – you’d suit a bright, contrasting colour scheme (like this magenta and navy combo above) with unmissable centrepieces. Try ostrich feathers, coloured glassware, or dramatic flowers such as birds of paradise.

Mostly Ds – Rustic DIY


You’re the kind of girl who likes things done her own way without breaking the budget, so a DIY rustic day would be a great choice for you! Decorate your venue with colorful handmade bunting, homemade favours and rustic fabrics like hessian and twine. For centrepieces, just pop some homegrown flowers into bright tin cans or decorated jam jars.

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